I let the second pineapple go about 2 weeks and it turned from green to gold almost overnight. The interior was much more golden than the first one. Interesting thing about this second one was that it had put out a new shoot on the bottom side so I cut that off and planted both the top foliage and this sucker. If both grow and produce, I’ll have gotten two new plants from this one mother plant which is also still looking good. That makes 13 plants now growing and us officially a pineapple plantation.

golden pineapple
golden pineapple

Joey and Mark came up and helped Nancy and I respectively. I had three dead trees that needed to come down. Two were pines down by the lake which had fallen over more than a year ago but were hung up in other trees such that they weren’t really any problem. One of those created a natural bridge over the path which gave it some character but over time sunk low enough to make the path unusable by some folk. The other dead tree was a fairly large oak right where I like to park the truck. I grew concerned that limbs or even the whole tree would one day crash down on the truck. Mark brought it down perfectly and cut it into firewood for George. Interestingly the oak turned out to be hollow for about half it’s length – the diameter of the tree was 2’ with an 18” hollow core. Squirrels had made several nests in the hollow. Of course the weather turned to rain making the job just a bit messier but we managed to get it all done in about 3 hours. While we were outside dealing with the trees, Joey was cleaning the top of the kitchen cabinets which we really can’t get to any more. So all in all, a good day.

Good progress on the neighbor’s house. All the windows and exterior window framing done and the compressed foam sheets installed over the particle board. Those are 4’x8’ compressed foam sheets, 3/4” thick, in a thin metallic sheath. Very light weight, felt like a pound or two at the most and could be cut as needed to fit around windows with a knife so they were a piece of cake to install compared to the particle board. The final outside layer is a thin, 1/2” concrete planking similar to Hardee board. This is a bit trickier to deal with and needs carbide or diamond saw blades to cut. Not sure how long that will take to install but guess at least a week or maybe the rest of August. At that point the exterior is nominally done. All of the old wall board, upstairs and down, has been removed so it’s basically an open shell at this point. I was the primary tear down guy on the second floor.

Nancy’s trip to NC is underway, quilt shopping extravaganza. I got to do lots of outside clean up that I can’t get away with when she’s here and also got all the tree hunks over to George’s firewood pile and all the trash wood burned. That was a several hour job in and of itself.

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