New projects

Getting ready for the fall tomato season. Checked and I have the seeds I want; Checked and compost pile #1 will be sufficiently cooked to heavily dose the tomato plants; checked and the row being solarized is heating up nicely so the nematodes should be crispy critters. The game plan is to plant the seeds in the house this coming weekend in preparation for a Labor Day planting in the garden. I also checked and I have plenty of squash and pole bean seeds for late September planting. When I remove the plastic from the row currently being solarized, I’ll move it to a new row where the squash will live so it’ll have a couple of months to cook. I’m still adding new material to compost pile #2 that will be part of the October planting. The way my system works is that when I move the compost from pile 1 to the garden, pile #2 becomes #1 and gets no more input. All new stuff goes into the new #2. Make sense? I get a new pile into the garden every 3-4 months or so, depending mostly on the weather.

I do have a large change coming in the compost generation area. A friend of George’s asked me if I wanted a pickup truck bed liner for a compost pile lining. It’s for a full sized truck, 8’ bed, and being black, should heat up nicely. I moved the contents of pile #1 to the garden and moved the bed into that location, drill drain holes, and will start the new compost in it.
new compost hold
clothespin bag

Nancy made something new for supper – a Rueben Casserole. If you like Rueben’s you’ll like the casserole. She also put together a new clothespin bag so we have the fanciest one in the neighborhood if not the galaxy.

It’s looking more like this will be a Trump-Clinton election which complicates my voting this year. I’ve always had an easy choice but not this time. I can’t vote for Clinton and I can’t vote for Trump so I have to select a write in candidate. I don’t want the job so I won’t write in my name. I don’t think Nancy would be interested so that’s a non starter. My kids wouldn’t be interested and I probably wouldn’t vote for them if they were. Steve Spurrier could probably make my short list. I saw Harrison Ford in some movie where he was the Pres and managed to save Air Force One from some terrorists so that would put him on the short list too. I liked the guy that used to be the PBS Car Guy but he might be dead and probably wouldn’t be interested. Jesse Ventura won; Arnold Schartzenager won; Al Franken won so anything is possible. So you can see what a conundrum I’m facing – so many choices. I like that Elon Musk guy but I don’t think he was born in this country.

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