Clear Headlights

I have a mystery vine growing in the garden. I’m guessing it’s a melon of some sort since cantaloupe and watermelon residuals are often pitched into the compost pile. Lots of leaves so far but no blossoms. It popped up in a large unused area so I’ll just let nature take it’s course. If nothing else, the vegetation will end up as compost. When I’ve tried to grow melons in the past, they start out looking good but before any melons can mature, the critters find them. Maybe by accident we’ll have some luck this year.

One problem we have in Florida (and maybe everywhere else) is that over time car’s headlight covers cloud over so they lose effectiveness over time. It’s significant enough that you can be ticketed for it. I noticed it on the Toyota- even though it’s only 20 years old – but it looked like a larger job to replace them than I cared to entertain. Besides, I rarely drive that car at night anyway so it wasn’t a pressing issue. The other day I noticed my neighbor squirting something on his headlights and wiping them off with a small hand towel. I asked what he was doing and he said that his headlight covers were so bad he couldn’t safely drive at night and that someone had told him to clean them with Deep Woods Off, a mosquito repellent. I watched as they cleaned up like new in just a few seconds. The next time we got to Walmart I picked up a can – I was doubtful that it would work on mine but we can always use the repellent. Sure enough, it cleaned them up with a minimal effort.

Work continues on Garret’s house. The particle board siding is totally done on the ground floor and half finished on the second story. We should finish that part of the job this coming weekend. The new windows are installed on the ground floor. The interior, both floors, is mostly demolished to make way for a complete remodel. As we had hoped the studding on the second floor was, for the most part, good with no rot or termite damage. The afternoon heat makes it really tough going on a sustained basis. To me this is the hottest summer I can remember here – 95 degrees and “feels like” temps of 105 all this week.

Way too hot to fish although I may give the surf a shot on Friday. Nancy has a bridge game going in Palm Coast so I might take that opportunity to give it a try. But it is scary to think about being on the beach from noon to 3PM.

And, I’m calling the swarming ant attack over and done with. Haven’t seen one in the last three days – contrasted to the hundreds we were seeing between 5PM and 7PM every day. I don’t know if all the stuff we sprayed finally took it’s toll or that they all hatched and start another cycle but for now, relief.

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