Progress all around

Starting to see some progress on the house rebuilding project. The framing is mostly done except for potential wood rot on the second floor and we’ve started putting up the 4’x8’ particle board sheets, aka outside walls. Those go up quickly and give it a finished look as compared to just open framing. Putting up these sheets on the lower level is easy but it becomes challenging at the upper levels. We used a 2”x6” plank between two ladders as scaffolding but it takes two guys to handle the sheets on the ground and two on the scaffolding and it’s just very awkward and dangerous. George to the rescue. He came up with an idea for a mobile scaffolding using his pickup truck as the base. See the pic. It took us a day to build it and it works like a champ. We reached a big milestone this weekend when the south wall was completed in terms of finishing all the framing, restoration and installing the first layer of cover – particle board. Although this is a small wall, it had the most termite and water damage and was essential rebuilt 100%. The bad part of putting up the walls is that it gets hotter inside and I do mean hotter.

mobile scaffolding
mobile scaffolding

visible progress, finally
visible progress, finally

Too hot to fish.

Too hot to garden. The only thing surviving at this point are a couple of cherry tomato plants, eggplants, and a few pepper plants. No greens for the smoothies so that’s a bummer. Sweet potatoes seem to be doing just fine but we won’t really know on those for a couple of months.

I think we finally have the swarming ants under control. After I gave the jacuzzi enclosure another, super serious blast of powder it seems we’ve turned the corner. On Saturday there were maybe thousands in the tub; hundreds on Sunday; dozens on Monday and one or two stragglers on Tuesday.

TV still working although it hasn’t had to perform in seriously stormy weather. Update – worked fine for the past couple of days with plenty of rain and lightning. I’ve still got an itch to add another small amplifier inside the house to see if an extra 10db’s would pull any more stations out of the mud. Up until about 2 years ago we got channel 56 very well and then it disappeared. My neighbor still get’s it on occasion so I’m fairly sure it didn’t just turn off. A small, indoor amplifier costs about $10 so why not try.

Icemaker glitched but I fixed it in about 5 minutes – practice makes perfect.

And I’m not exactly sure how to tell when the pineapples are ready for picking. I checked out the one’s in Publix yesterday and they look exactly like ours – about the same size, color, and with the same size fronds coming out the top. I’d really hate to cut one off only to find it was not quite ready after nursing it along for over a year.

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