More Bass News

Nancy and I made an incredible roasted cauliflower soup today. We’re coming up with new (to us) creative ways to deal with so many veggies coming fast and furiously. Still to pick this week – beets, broccoli, spinach and snow peas. That doesn’t include the everyday stuff – lettuce, kale, collards and turnips. There are half a dozen zucchini’s about 4” long that could happen in a few days.

Nice, smooth transition underway to the summer garden. By the end of this month all the winter stuff should be gone with the exception of the kale and collards; the green beans have sprouted; ditto cucumbers, a couple of tomatoes and we’re actually picking zucchini. We had a bad squash season last year and I think we’ve already picked more in the last two weeks than the whole season last year. The weather has been coolish, extending the life of the winter crops but not so cool that it inhibits the summer plants. Plenty of rain. We had a 2” deluge yesterday and the lake is very nearly as high it was at the peak in September. We’re still officially in the dry season so with a normal spring and summer, we could foreseeably overtop the dock floor.

It sounds like Chris will be onboard in San Francisco mid April. They got a nice apartment in Walnut Creek, about a 15 minute walk to the BART system. That seems like a distance to me but compared to New Jersey and Chicago, this is a piece of cake. Especially in the winter.

Peacock sighting? Our next door neighbor, Barbara, said she saw a peacock just walking alongside our road the other day and then Nancy said she saw one walking on the jungle clearing between us and the lake. I went right over and saw nothing so it’s not a confirmed sighting and for sure I haven’t heard any so I’m on the fence. But there was a confirmed deer sighting crossing the field next to our place and then onto the pathway. It was a doe and fawn. I had noticed the doe early in the morning when I went out to get the paper. That encounter was at about 25’ – close enough to get my attention when I heard something that size moving in the bushes right next to where I was walking. The second sighting was with several other people at our Easter dinner so no doubt about that one. Sure hope they don’t find the garden. Last year I saw a couple of dear nosing around the garden but, for whatever reason, they never ate anything. If they do, I’ll invite Simon here for a private property hunting trip.

Nice Bass
Nice Bass

How’s this for a nice bass! I was going to take a nap but decided to go down to the dock and relax there – read a book while drowning a bait. So much for relaxing!

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