Beach Stuff

Finally the garden is starting to look like one. Sept was a disaster. Between rain, heat, and insects about all was killed off including most of the new seed starts. Now, all the new stuff I’m putting in seems to be taking off. I’ve thinned the carrots, lettuce and radishes and all of the plants I thinned and replanted elsewhere seem to be holding their own so I’ll be running out of planting space before too long. The pea seeds have started germinating; ditto the beets. The latest plant was Swiss chard and historically those seeds take as long as 2 weeks. We’re going to the beach next week so hopefully the news stuff will not suffer from lack of attention.

I’m going to change my compost distribution algorithm this year. For the past few years I’ve tried to spread it evenly over a wide area, distributing the nutritional value. This year after losing so many plants to high water, I’m switching over to building up height on a per row basis; ie add 6” to a row then moving on to the next row. I’ll start with the rows closest to the lake. To calibrate you, the load I have coming ready is roughly 2 CF which translates to 36 SF, 6” deep. I estimate the lowest area to be 300 SF so that’s about 8 loads of compost, about a year and a half to do the job. That’s long range planning for sure. I could speed up the project by mixing in some sand but I’m nominally patient and will be happier with the end result if I avoid sanding the growing areas.

At the Beach. rough, windy saturday but incredible on Sunday. Caught one really nice Jack but that was it. Tom came up and we got to fish a bit but at low tide. No fish but lots of fun. One thing had changed from Saturday to Sunday – the surf was loaded with jelly fish and in order to fish at low tide, you have to wade out to a sandbar. We were both brushed by large jellies several times but apparently this type doesn’t sting.

Monday the weather was even more fabulous in terms of fishing weather. The wind was down to nothing so the surf was like a lake. I decided to try fingerling mullet for bait instead of the cut shiner I’ve been using. Mullet is the natural food fish here whereas the shiners are from the lake. The shiners have also been frozen for two years so perhaps that is tainting them. I was also hoping I could switch from frozen shrimp to sand fleas but just can’t find any big enough to use. I’m still enjoying every minute on the beach.

Unfortunately Nancy is not in the same positive mode. Her sewing machine started acting up Saturday evening and we spent hours trying to get it working. I’ve suggested we just take a quick trip back to the house and getting another machine but she’s not interested in that solution. She has a bridge game scheduled for today and will no doubt get something going there for Tuesday and Wednesday as well. She may even have to sacrifice and go shopping at the local quilt shops to fill the machine time.

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