Horizontal Corn

After a dry week, which we needed, last night we got a major storm complete with wild winds, continuous lightning, and 2.5” of hard rain. I checked the garden this morning and the corn which was standing 3’ tall is now lying horizontally 3’. I gave it a few hours of sun to see if it would straighten itself out or if was going to take several hours of manual labor. It wasn’t uprooted which was a good sign. In real life, I gave it about 4 hours and it was self correcting to some extent but I decided to expend a little sweat equity and speed up the process. So it’s vertical again.

Planted 12 tomatoes, all doing well, making it through the first critical 24 hours; no cutworms or shocked plants. The fact that I took so much caution with the planting process tells me that my past failures have probably been self generated by the farmer. Also planted seeds directly in the garden for a second row of cuc’s, pole beans and a second zucchini plant. I actually think we’ll start picking cuc’s and zuc’s late this month if the weather holds reasonably on track. Started a few cabbage and kale seeds on the porch – a bit earlier than usual. Between what’s already planted in the garden and assuming these new seeds germinate and grow properly, by my count this nominally fills the garden 100% through November and December. I still have small areas for carrots, radishes, lettuce, and spinach spread around. I call these filler crops because they take very little room and can just be spot planted on a space available basis.

Dodged a bullet in the garden last night. I went out this morning to do a daily check and noticed deer tracks all along the edge of the trellis, right next to the pole beans and the cucumbers. I also noticed that a small jalapeno pepper plant had been yanked out of the ground but nothing else seems to have been disturbed. I’m guessing that the first think he came to was the pepper plant and when he took a chomp on that, he wasn’t interested in dining any further.

Simon called to give us a Coosa River update. He’s getting a high intensity 3 week training session to prepare him to be an instructor for the upcoming season. The highlight so far is the raptor handling sessions. He started with a screech owl but will graduate to handling a bald eagle. He’s also learning to handle the “herps” – and has been assigned to be the primary caregiver for a leopard gecko.

How is it possible that the pres calls a press conference to announce that he doesn’t have a strategy for dealing with ISIS? Doesn’t have a strategy, not that he can’t discuss the strategy for security reasons but that he doesn’t have one. Certainly there’s a strategy – it’s to do nothing. That’s ok but he’s ashamed to just come out and say it – as he should be. Or else the strategy is to lull the bad guys into a false sense of security by making them think we’re floundering around with a clueless administration at the helm but we really do plan to do something. Now I know how the French must feel with an embarrassing foreign policy. But they’re used to it by now whereas this is all new to us. I can just visualize Obama, Hagel, and Kerry sitting around the table looking at each other with dazed looks on their faces wondering how they got into this s— storm. A bit of a strategy is forming though – the pres sent Kerry off to Qatar, Jordan, and Lebanon to get them to help. GADS!!!! The UK raised their threat level and Obama says that’s not necessary and I suspect he’s right but can you imagine the backlash if some nut case Jihadist shoots somebody at a shopping mall. Not to worry, we’ve got a strategy for putting up windmills/eagle choppers so for sure he’ll have something to tilt in the future.

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