The Nibblers Strike

Normally I’m super ready for the college football season but not so sure this year. UCF lost one in the last second and now that Olivia is associated with them, I feel obligated to follow them. Florida’s opener was washed out so the big question mark is still out there. Not sure I could personally survive another 4 and 8 season – I’m sure the coach can’t. Last year they added the offensive coach from Boise State which has fielded one the best offenses in the country. He’s history. This season they’ve replaced him with the offensive coach from Duke. Duke? Offense?? Stetson won their opener so maybe I should concentrate on the locals and not get caught up in all the hoopla. Now that the major colleges will be hiring players, this could just be the right time to make the break on general principles.

I started a fair sized project to recover my green house. I bought a small, 8’x8’x6’, a few years ago and got alot of use out of it for 2 years. Then the sun just ate away the plastic covering so there was no weather protection at all. I had quite a lot of potting materials, tools, containers and all the things you use to start seedlings and do transplanting and a year in the weather basically destroyed it all. So I cleaned it up, threw away the junk, and recovered it with 6 mil plastic. That may possibly hold up a year or two but for sure it should get me past this coming winter which is when I really use it.

But as it turns out, I may not have to worry about the green house or anything else related to the garden. The deer returned last night and trimmed the green beans and cucumbers. Some of my newly planted tomatoes may have fallen victim as well. Deer got me out of the gardening business in Utah and they might do the same in Florida. Hunting season starts next month so maybe I’ll be lucky and somebody will nail the local herd. My neighbor to the north is a deer hunter and I’ll be sure to alert him to the local hunting potential

Other than the night visitors, nothing spectacular going on in the garden – just chugging along looking great. I’ve lost some of the tomato seedlings but that’s expected. It’s just so hot and humid but if I wait a month to start the process, the risk of a freeze right at harvest time increases. It’s always a crap shoot which is why I plant so many different things – something always works. The corn in the picture is waist high and really healthy looking. I planted those seeds the first of August and the harvest is scheduled for the first of Nov. (assuming they stay vertical) and the deer leaves them alone. That white sand you see is what I’ve add to prop up the stalks.

waist high corn
waist high corn

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