Corn Crash

We’re living in full on Florida summer now. Hot, hot, double hot with bursts of serious, can’t see past the hood of the car, rain and lightning blasts that rock the house. In the last 4 days we’ve had 7” of rain so you can just guess what the humidity is. My routine is to be out of the house doing garden or jungle work by 8AM; totally wiped out and dripping by 11AM; finishing off by a noon plunge in the lake; drinking a Nutribullet green drink by 1PM; then down at the dock with a new book or a pile of Sudoku puzzles until the storms start at 3PM. When do I get in any time to fish? Either early, early AM or just at dark or anytime Nancy has a bridge game in Palm Coast.

Update – that 7” rain total I mentioned above is now 9” and the storm that came with it devastated the garden – mostly the corn. There were reportedly gusts of 60mph and it looked like it to me. The combination of saturated soil and near hurricane force wind took it’s toll on the garden, particularly the corn. We luckily harvested a few dozen ears and maybe some of the really young plants will survive after I cut away the dead stuff but for now, it looks like the end of the corn season. I was glad to see that the trellis and pole beans were not blown over. The other thing that’s happened this week as a result of the storms is that several of those dead bay trees that I had not cut down, came down on their own. I knew that would eventually happen and also knew that when they did come down, they wouldn’t do any damage unless someone happened to be standing in the wrong spot at just the wrong time. None the less, it took a full 8 hours (over 2 days) of hard labor, a chain saw to get rid of the mess and a few Aleve for the cutter. The silver lining to all of this destruction is that now I have loads of corn stalks for the compost pile and when I complete burning off these dead trees, plenty of good potash for the compost pile.
storm corn
I made the best green drink of my short blending career yesterday. One Tuscan kale leaf, a collard leaf and some parsley for the greens; a couple strawberries, 1/4 of a small apple, ditto lemon, half a banana and a few chunks of frozen pineapple for the fruit; a large pole bean for protein, a couple of tablespoons of oats for the fiber then the new, magic ingredient – a small container of yogurt. Joey put me onto that and it really mellows the whole drink. Wonder how chopped up corn stalk would taste. I sure have a long position of that.

I mentioned getting a new grill after the old one died. In my mind a grill is a family kind of device, not “mine”. So, for example, Nancy isn’t entitled to buy a “make-up”, balancing item such as a steam cleaner (is she?). We now have a Shark steam cleaner to add to the inventory of floor cleaning equipment and Nancy is a happy camper that balance has been restored.

One thought on “Corn Crash

  1. I would also like you to try ginger…

    I keep forgetting to ask you how your New Zealand spinach crop is? Mine has exploded and I use it daily for green drinks


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