Father’s Day

I enjoyed a nice, quiet father’s day. Tom and his family, Johnny, and my sister Eileen joined us for a rib feast from the new grill and to munch corn from the garden. It rained lightly on and off so we didn’t go into the lake but it wasn’t too hot to just sit around the dock and talk.

Found a new place for lunch, Hidden Treasure, on Rose Bay, a bit north of New Symrna. It’s probably been there for 100 years but it’s new to us. If you liked Squid Lips and Bonefish Willy’s, Hidden Treasure fits right in. The genre is old fish camp and more than half of the seating is outside over the bay. Draft and craft beer, great seafood, cutie waitresses – what more could you ask for? They even have a talking shuffle board. About every 10 minutes it calls out – “hey, will somebody please come play me”. The first time it happened I looked over and wondered who had called out but after about the third time, I caught on.

Too many green beans. I had no idea the beans would be as big and prolific as it is. I can easily pick a couple pounds a day and the plants are still putting out new blossoms. Even in this heat pollination is still going on, as a couple of bees explained to me when I was picking in their vicinity. Next season I’ll plant half as many and spread the planting over double the time. I had planned a fall planting but am thinking maybe not since we have a freezer full already. If I do plant, it will be just for fresh off the vine eating, once a week.

Not enough corn. Nancy makes this really delicious dish with shrimp, corn from the garden and cherry tomatoes, also from the garden. It’s so good that I’m going to break with tradition and try to grow a corn patch this fall – plant in early September; harvest in late November. I didn’t use all the seed this spring so all I have to lose is left over seed and garden space – of which I have plenty – so why not. The risk is that we get a serious fall storm in which case I would have grown more stalks for the compost pile.

Late breaking news – fire in the kitchen of the Funky Pelican so it’ll be out of commission for a bit. Probably good news for Hidden Treasure.

What an incredible mess our foreign policy is. Amateur Hour. Six years with a president who should still be a community organizer in South Chicago and without a Secretary of State is setting our foreign policy back 100 years. All around the world. Every bad guy out there knows the US will do nothing but talk and that the opportunity to advance is right now; every ally knows their back is totally uncovered. It’s hard to believe just how screwed up things have become in just 6 years. Screwed up in the Middle East, in Eastern and Central Europe, in the Far East, in North Africa, even in South America. I’ve never used the mute button on the TV as often as I do now during the news. For the first few years I assumed we were just witnessing this administration’s lack of experience and incompetence. Now I’m thinking there may be something darker going on.

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