Today was a standard summer day in the woods. Got up, watched a little news, headed out to pillage or putter in the garden and then joined my neighbor in a tree cutting project. There’s an archway separating us and the neighbor which has become nearly overgrown with Confederate Jasmine vines. They’ve grown up and over the archway and then into a couple of adjacent oak trees and myrtle bushes. That was becoming a bother but the last storm we had put too much stress on those adjacent trees and they were bending precariously – so the bother turned into a concern. Three hours later the trees were cut up and going up in smoke in the fire pit. It looks fairly bare at the arch now but I suspect by the end of the summer, the jasmine will have taken over again. The nice part was that since this was such hot, sweaty labor the perfect ending was a plunge in the lake. The water is still a bit chilly – by our standards – but certainly swimmable. I would venture a guess of 75 degrees. It was about 1PM when I called it all quits and came in to mix up a green juice. Read for a couple of hours and then back down on the dock when the heat of the day was behind us.

On our last trip to the beach, Nancy made a new bridge friend. When we got home this gal called and they set a bridge day for Palm Coast. That’s fairly close to the Matanzas area where I’ve had good luck fishing so we decided to make a day of it together (kind of). I dropped her off at the bridge club a little after noon with the plan to pick her up again at 4:30. Bridge is bridge so I guess that went ok. Fishing, on the other hand, is quite variable. I took shore fishing stuff to cast for river kinds of fish and surf gear just in case nothing was happening in the river. As it turns out the timing was as bad as it gets from a fishing standpoint. It was mid afternoon and low tide – not usually a good combination but this was mostly an exploratory trip and the big advantage to low tide is that you get to see the bottom profile a bit better and learn where to fish at high tide. I grabbed one light rod which was already rigged with a jig head and silver tail – the combination that had worked pretty good in the Sebastian River. The closest I could park to the inlet was more than a quarter of a mile away but I figured I’d just walk along the shore towards the inlet and cast along the way. After I started wading out to a sandbar I realized it was going to get waist deep and luckily I remembered that I had my wallet and phone in my pocket so depth was a consideration. So I gave up on the original plan of just fishing my way to the inlet and set out to get there straight away. There’s a bridge over the inlet so I figured a good place to fish would be there where the water would be deeper and closest to the ocean. After a dozen or so casts I had a really strong hit- so at least I knew my idea wasn’t a total bust. A few casts later another major strike that I converted into a catch after a real tussle. It was a large ladyfish, the same size as I’d caught nearby a few weeks back from a boat. I fished there about an hour and landed 3 similar size fish and then had one break my line. I hadn’t brought any more tackle since I had never intended to wander so far from the car and it didn’t make any sense to walk all the way back to the car, re rig the line, and walk back to the bridge so that ended the trip. Next time I’ll be much better prepared.

I did find several nice beaches for potential surf fishing in the future. Also found a potential good barbecue place at Bing’s Landing which is close to Matanzas and close to where we stay in Flagler. So all in all, I’m looking forward to Nancy’s new bridge gig. I’m counting this as togetherness so when she says we never do anything together…………..

The nutribullet came with a screw on cap with a hinged lid so that you can make a drink and then just carry it for drinking later so I took one on the trip. Turned out to be more palatable than the ones I had been making. I switched the type of greens from kale and swiss chard to a mix of collards, parsley, and basel. Same fruit – half an apple, a few strawberries, a handful of blueberries and a chunk of lemon, peeled.

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