Blueberries are Happening

Picked the first zucchini yesterday and transplanted jalapeno seedlings. Those are really late because the first batch was destroyed by a rogue critter, most likely an armadillo, who dug them out of the starter bed. The real bothersome part of that is the ones which were ripped up were a hard to find variety called Telico which has been a top producer for us and that I’ve grown since I started gardening in Utah. I talked to the guy at the seed company and he assured me that Fuego will be just as good-we’ll see.

The first corn row planted, 3/24, is now topping 5’ and and putting out the first ears. According to my data, it’s an 83 day crop which calculates to harvesting June 15 but, to me, it looks like some will be coming earlier. That of course assumes no natural disasters.

My green juice drinks have decidedly moved toward fruit in season with nice strawberries and blueberries joining the greens and grains into the Nutribullet. Nancy found a U Pick place in Crescent City where she plays bridge and stopped to load up. The berries are $3/pound if you pick them; $3.50 if they do. Guess which option Nancy took. She bought $20 worth which we split into freezer bags to feed the bullet well into the summer. She’s back up in Crescent City today and I have a gut feeling she’ll stop and drop another $20. These berries are not as good as those we picked in NC last summer but certainly good enough to load up the freezer. As far as the green part of the drinks go, the swiss chard is playing out rapidly as is the lettuce but the kale and collards are holding up just fine. I’m guessing I’m good through this month on greens. In the next couple of weeks I expect to be popping in a few cherry tomatoes and green beans and maybe a cucumber.

I’ve been drinking the veggie goop for lunch almost a full week now and you’re probably wondering if I’m noticing any changes. Still no green showing in my skin tint or hair. Everything seems to be working as intended so no obvious negative side effects. I always feel ok so no obvious positive side effects either. I haven’t gained or lost an ounce and my blood pressure is the same as it’s been for months/years. It does make me feel good to be using so much greenery that would have otherwise gone to waste/compost in the garden. So that’s something anyway. If I were paying a dollar for every swiss chard or kale leaf, I might feel abused.

Heading up to Tom’s for Mother’s day festivities. We all agree, right, that your wife is not officially your mother. I think where it gets confusing is when the kids are too young to buy nice presents and the hubby makes up for that. The kids actually hand the gift over and get all the oohs and aahs while the father hides in the shadows. But when the kids are out on their own, the hubby officially steps down and no longer has any business buying his wife a mother’s day gift, right? We can all agree on that can’t we? Yeah, I thought so; just checkin’ to make sure.

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