Turkey Encounter

Had an exciting wildlife sighting this morning. The house is a few hundred feet down the gravel driveway from the main road and mailbox. The walk up to the mailbox every morning is under a total canopy of oak and camphor trees but this morning I wasn’t alone. I was about halfway and noticed a flock of wild turkeys about 50’ in front of me. There were 4 adults and 4 juveniles just walking along pecking in the gravel. This is the closest I’ve ever gotten to wild turkeys so it was quite a thrill. When they spotted me, they walked calmly into the underbrush to another open area then flew up into the trees. Very calm, no panic so I really got a good look.

Here’s a bit of trivia to file away. I mentioned that I had planted seeds for several different varieties of squash last week, zucchini and winter squash. Summer squash goes from seed to fruit in 50-60 days; winter squash, 90-100 days. Sure enough, all the summer squash seeds germinated in 5 days but not a sign of the winter squash. Experience tells me they will pop out in 7-10 days or not at all. While checking them, I decided to put in 3 more cucumber seeds to see if I could keep that crop going on into the fall.

Last night nothing was going on about dusk so I decided to break out the poke boat and plug around the lake for a half hour or so. I haven’t done that, for a variety of reasons, in about 6 months. I appreciate that just because the lake was low, there would still be plenty of fish but somehow it just wasn’t the same. Now all my secret spots are back in play. I also hadn’t tried my old bass reel since it had been repaired and needed to make sure it was in tip top shape. It was and I managed to snag a 5 pounder just before it got too dark to see. I had forgotten to check the drag on the reel and sure enough it was totally loose so I had to stop the fish with my thumb and try to adjust the drag while the bass was heading for the lily pads. Somehow it all worked out and I landed it. Of course I let him go so no pictures.

The national hurricane boys adjusted their forecast again. They made the first forecast in May calling for an extra active season with loads of named storms, basic hurricanes, and major hurricanes. In August, they hone their forecast and still call for an extra active season but maybe not quite so active as originally forecast. By this time in August, we would normally have expected to see one or two hurricanes but the count is zero. In fact, not sure I recall a season with so little activity this late in the season. Everybody can understand that forecasting is not easy but every year it’s the same – forecast way high at the beginning of the season and then adjust downward as the season progresses. I think forecasting high, early is both a CYA move and a budget justification. It seems to me to be a waste in any case since I don’t know anyone who does anything differently based on the forecast. You know there’s a possibility of significant storms between July and Oct, no matter what the forecasters say, so you prepare accordingly.

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