Burning Dead Trees

Nancy and I did something Sunday that we haven’t been able to do for about 3 years. We headed down to the dock and jumped in for an afternoon swim. The water was nice and warm, probably upper 80’s. This was typically how we spent Sunday afternoons before the drought so it’s nice to be back at it. The lake level is perfect for August. You don’t want it full because we can have some serious rain in Sept and on into October if a tropical storm comes anywhere close. Ideally it will be full by the end of October going into perch season. The other thing I do now is jump in the lake after I’ve worked my little heart out in the garden and/or jungle.

We had a nice storm last evening when we were out to dinner. The rain gauge showed almost an inch of rain and we saw that we had lost power for about a half hour but all was well by the time we got home. This morning I started to head down to the lake to see how much the lake had risen but only got a few feet when I noticed a large dead bay tree, a 40 footer, had been snapped in the middle and was blocking the path to the lake, big time. This was one of those trees that I was afraid my wimpy chain saw wouldn’t handle and was waiting for my neighbor to get his health back. It also happened to be the tree supporting the clothes line. I had no choice but to break out the saw and limb it out. I cut it flush just above the tie point for the clothes line so that’ll probably work for a year or so before the stump rots. It took an hour to clear the path and haul off the branches to the burn pile. Not the way I had planned to spend the day, that’s for sure. My neighbor cut down a large, dead bay the day before so the combined pile of branches is daunting but I vowed to attack it before the week ended. I did today and it took 3 hours to cut the big branches into fire size and burn it all. Luckily the day was overcast so I didn’t have to work in the direct sunlight but still sweated a gallon or two and totally wore out my bod.

The Labor Day party is forming up nicely and there’s a chance some of the South Carolina family will be joining us. I’m doing a little bit every day to get the dock area all ready. Today I power washed the two sit on top kayaks. They haven’t been used in a couple of years and were pretty grungy with fungus and whatever else grows on the surface of things living in the jungle. That included a few giant spiders and roach looking critters. They look like new or close to it and I’m sure the kids will love paddling them.

Want to see tonight’s veggie? Really a tasty variety of pole bean.

Smerelda Pole Beans
Smerelda Pole Beans

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