Wall Walker

Some excitement last night. Our neighbor, Barbara, had cataract surgery a couple days ago then went back for the next day check early yesterday. I noticed she hadn’t come back home by about 2PM and wondered if there were any problems. About 6 she called and said all was well and after her checkup they had gone to George’s infection doctor to check on the status of his post op infection problem. She said they changed much of his medicine and he would be on this new regimen for 6 weeks but all was well. About 5 minutes later she called back and said she had just called 911 for George, who’s heart was doing wheelies. Nancy boogied over there and I went up to the main road to wait for the ambulance and guide them down to their house which is difficult to spot from the road. Seems that George was likely having a major reaction to the new meds. The EMT’s came, lights and sirens and were on site within 5 minutes and loaded him onto a stretcher and into the vehicle within another 5. Barbara called about 9 and said they had him stabilized and sleeping at the hospital in Ormond. Home at midnight. That poor guy is on so many different meds that it would seem impossible to forecast what interactions might be going on inside him.

This guy is 8' up
This guy is 8′ up

Take a close look at the photo. That’s a rat snake crawling horizontally along the side of the house, about 8’ above ground level. Can you believe that? It’s about 2’ long and maybe as big around as my pinkie finger. The surface is rough, stucco like finish, but I never would have guessed that a snake could do that. Rat snakes are good guys so seeing one around is a positive. Another little critter story. About a month ago I went out early to get the paper and walked up on a set of 3 baby armadillos. The babies are tiny miniatures except they are pink as compared to gray brown when mature. As soon as they realized I was on them, they scattered into the brush. The next morning, they were back on the gravel driveway only this time instead of scattering, they started following behind me ,like I was the parent in their life. They did that for a few days and then I guess an older ‘dillar told them I was not one of them. I still see them every couple of days and they are growing rapidly but still retain the pink shade. They scatter off into the brush when I come within about 10’. My biggest nemesis around here are fire ants and these guys eat fire ants so I’m fine with them, even when they’re digging up the lawn or what passes for a lawn.

This week’s batch of spaghetti sauce was 20 quarts. The photo shows most of the process with some in the blender, some in the pot, and some still on the hoof. The greens you see are basil and oregano. That’s an 8 quart pot shown, (I think) so we had to break out the bigger 12 quart model to finish off the batch. The end is not in sight so far as the tomatoes are concerned but we’re not eating fast enough to clear space in the freezers to hold it all and I’m not buying another freezer.

20 quarts of goodness
20 quarts of goodness

It’s unusual to have a president who is equally inept at domestic and foreign affairs, Jimmy Carter comes to mind, but Obama’s doing it with ease whereas Jimmy had to struggle to achieve it.

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