Chantal Fizzles Out

Looks like perhaps the storm season is starting in earnest with a weak tropical storm, Chantal, projected now to ride up the east coast. If it follows the current forecast, it would pass a couple hundred miles offshore from us. That’s perfect because we not get much in the way of wind but would be on the juicy side of the storm and maybe pick up some substantial rain. We could start feeling it by the weekend – or not. Really looks to to me like it’s going to fizzle out long before it gets this far.

Here’s a tip. If the bluetooth on your computer ever dies, you can get an external USB bluetooth module. A year or so back we replaced our mouse with a bluetooth connected track pad. Last week it wasn’t working. Changed the batteries in the track pad – still not working so I called Apple. The support tech told me it was probably the internal bluetooth module and that I’d have to leave the computer with them for 3-5 days and pay $150+. Hello mouse. (an aside – when I called Apple I was having trouble getting out of the automated answering system which had started by telling me it understood complete sentences. I was frustrated and told it to get me connected to a human and it did.) I called a private but authorized Apple repair shop in Deland and got the same story except the guy added that I could go to Radio Shack or equivalent and pick up an external device that would do the same thing for $30. Radio Shack turned out to be a dud but Tom ordered a device from Amazon that worked like a world champ. Plug and play; $13. Hello trackpad.

We head up to western NC towards the end of this month for a 50th anniversary celebration. Not sure what the total head count will be but right now we’re expecting family from here, NY, South Carolina, and CA for a weeklong party on the Little Tennessee River near Franklin. Really looking forward to a break from the heat and just being together there. That plus the smallmouth bass fishing on the river. They’ve been having the wettest spring and early summer ever so maybe the fishing will be only a dream. I’ve fished it before and did very well but it was always when the river level was down.

Simon is already in the area working in the Great Smokey Mountains on the NC/Tenn border. He’s a camp counselor at a nature preserve there inside the park, Tremont Institute, and will be finishing up his tour of duty the same time we arrive. So he drives about an hour and vacations with us. Poor guy. After the 2 months in the Smokies and the week with us on the river, he goes to the Grand Tetons for a 10 day certification program for first responders. That’s what I call a fun summer.

Looks like the Zimmerman trial is winding down. Watching lawyers in action raises my blood pressure to near popping. I keep waiting for one of the witnesses, getting ravished by a lawyer, to snap and pop one of them.

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