A real family meal

Picked Grace’s beans and cucumbers. She planted those seeds herself when they visited the first week of April, about 8 weeks ago. Tonight’s meal will include purple potatoes, green beans and cucumber salad. By the end of the week I envision a meal of stuffed green peppers and freshly picked corn on the cob. Chris said that the way he cooks the potatoes is to cut them in half, drizzle with olive oil, salt and pepper then roast in a 425 oven for 20 minutes. I weighed them at just over 3 pounds. Not a giant crop for sure but not a total wipe out either. Update – we ate the potatoes and they tasted exactly like regular white potatoes. I don’t know whether I expected a grape flavor or what but to my palate, no difference at all. Supposedly they are more nutritious and certainly they are more expensive but so far as taste……….

Learned something I probably shown have known years ago. I pulled out an aloe plant that was growing underneath another bush and was careful to save some roots. I replanted in a container, watered well, fertilized and set it in a nice sunny spot on the deck. Aloe is really a great plant to have around in Florida since it’s the quickest, surest fix for sunburn that I know. After a few days it looked qu and was turning from green to brown. I watered it frequently, whenever it looked dry, but two weeks into it, the plant was looking worse. I decided to move it out of the sun even though it must be a cactus – which I associate with sun loving plants. Within two days, the great green color had returned and the plant seems to be thriving. So if you try to raise an aloe plant, think shade.

Looks like we’re officially in the rainy season with 6”+ last week and over 3 inches so far this week. All the meteorologists on the tube agree that we have rain chances every day this week and that we’re in the “summer pattern”. What that means is the temp range is 65-95 and the rain chance is 20%-50% every day. Maybe we’ll get the lake back! I’m loving monitoring these storms with the weather station Tom got us for Xmas. I can do things like calculate the rate of rainfall, which in a couple of these storms over the last two days, has been 5” per hour. Up until now, I’d think to myself that it was really coming down hard but now I can actually put a number to it. The lake is showing it and is up about a foot so far this month. Light rain doesn’t impact the lake as much as real downpours because of runoff.

How interesting that the IRS is after Conservative groups and the Justice Dept is after Fox News. This has to be putting the lib media in a bit of a quandary.

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