We made it to 50!

This was a big week for us – Mother’s day and our 50th wedding anniversary.
We had a great Mother’s Day with the Lake Mary Carbone’s and a big pasta and ribs dinner. We had enough food that it did duty the next night when Joey and Mark came up for dinner. Then on Thursday, we were treated to dinner at Karlings. Tom, Tina, Simon, Julia and Joanne helped us celebrate the day. And now we have a really elegant silver and gold picture frame and a photo in the works to fill it. For me, one of the highlights was that Nancy visited a u-pick blueberry patch on a quilt shop jaunt and picked 3 pounds of fresh blueberries. I’ll be using them with my breakfast cereal for the next couple of months. Of course, next month is the start of black berry season so maybe I’ll hit it big there too.

The pasta dinner used the last of the 2012 season’s tomato sauce. We had made and frozen so much that I wasn’t sure we’d ever work our way through it – but we did. It’s looking as if the first 2013 batch will happen in June and going into the season, it looks possible that we’ll break last year’s record crop.

Simon came up the next day and spent two days here helping me with the garden, grounds, and various tasks around the place that are better done with two people. We worked our little hearts out and really accomplished more than I had expected – including repainting the patio set. I’ve been wanting to do that for a year or so but every time I get close to actually doing it, I decide I can get more time out of it. Si did manage to get a little dock time in to test his new hammock. Seemed to work just fine and will be ready for his summer in the Smokies.
Simon painting

work breakIt’s official, Tommy Jr. got a job with Tribune Corp in Chicago. He finishes up with the Grand Forks Herald at the end of the month and starts his new job 3 days later. He’ll be working on the 19th floor of the Trib building. He’s been wanting to move to Chicago and was prepared to set out this summer, job or no job so it all worked out perfectly. I think he may find the weather worse in Chicago than Grand Forks but we’ll see. Certainly better food and music.

Bumper sticker – “I love cats, they taste like chicken.”

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