Fish for Dinner

Pre-Dinner photo
Pre-Dinner photo

I did manage to catch a couple of keeper size bass, just enough for a meal. I was really fishing for speckled perch but these two happened to take a liking to my mini spinner bait. They’re fun to catch on the ultra light spinning gear I’m using and since Nancy had suggested she was wanting some fresh fish, easy choice. To calibrate the pictures for you, these guys are about 2 pounds each. About a pound of that ends up in fillets and the rest becomes fertilizer. I guess you could say the bass carcasses end up as cauliflower.

We’re heading to SC Friday to spend the weekend celebrating Lindsay’s graduation. She earned a PhD from UNCC last semester. It’s a 7 hour drive so we’ll leave here Friday morning to get there before dark. We’re staying with Lindsay and Charles in Rock Hill then with Nancy and Ali in Spartanburg on Sunday. Back to Barberville Monday. Should be a nice trip and we’re looking forward to it. Nancy has a few surprises sewn up for the youngest ladies.

The end of the green beans is in sight. Production is falling off even though the weather is holding up nicely. By falling off I mean I can pick two or three handfuls every other day instead of daily. We have enough in the freezer to carry us through the winter until next bean season. I think that particular piece of soil will transition over to a lettuce patch. I put some new seeds in a container this past weekend and they should be ready to plant seedlings just about the time the beans have played out completely. Anything you plant after beans really makes out well because the beans leave the soil nitrogen rich so I like to follow them up with something green and leafy.

Remember the Broccoli picture a few posts back. I think it said ready in two weeks. Wrong. It went from 5” across to 8” across in two days and is heading for the table tomorrow night. Check the difference in the pic’s. Less than 72 hours separate those shots of the same plant. I guess I forgot just how fast these mature. Also did the second large collard green pick, less than a week from the last one. I also misjudged the peas. They’re really difficult to see in the foliage but on closer examination, there were several ready for picking. That means a full meal’s worth by this weekend. Too bad we won’t be here.

Ready to Pick
Ready to Pick
Ready to Eat
Ready to Eat

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