Graduation Party

We really had a great weekend. We spent Friday and Saturday night with Lindsay and Sunday night with Nancy and Ali. Saturday morning we picked Tom up at the airport in Charlotte and we went directly to the meeting spot for the caravan to UNCC. The caravan turned out to be a stretched Hummer limo with space for 18 souls. Lindsay was totally surprised. Her father in law brought the adult beverages to make the ride even more enjoyable. The graduation itself was the standard large basketball arena with roughly 3000 grads to pass by the podium and families to scream and blow air horns. The group of PhD’s was first and each was given the time to walk across the stage by him/herself. We made it about halfway through before going outside to await the limo return. It did and we headed back to the original meeting place on the Winthrop campus, the Shack, which had been set up for a private party complete with live music, food, an open bar and another 25-30 people. This too was a total surprise to Lindsay.

Sunday afternoon Nancy and I drove to Spartanburg, had delicious grilled salmon, and then headed for a downtown pub that has to remind you of Cheers. Everybody knows your name kind of place. The Sunday afternoon at Main Street is a tradition that we’ve just fit into and look forward to the next visit. I was chatting with a couple that turned out to have a daughter who is a nurse at the same hospital where Simon was borne. What’s the likelihood of that?

The trip home Monday morning was uneventful with a stop at Costco in Jacksonville. Nancy had to get food and stuff like that but my primary mission was to get a new GPS unit. I fired both my electronic unit and my live navigator after both left me hanging on a couple of occasions at critical Interstate points. In both South Carolina and Jacksonville, the old unit has been left behind by new roads and new interchanges. I could get new software for $80 or a new, modern unit for $100 which includes free upgrades for life and a traffic condition feature.

It was too dark to check the garden when we arrived home but first thing Tuesday I went out and picked the stuff you see in the picture. From this point on until May, it will harvesting like this continuously. What you see in the picture is lettuce, cabbage, green beans, snow peas, tomatoes, radishes and broccoli. Tomorrow I’ll pick a load of collard greens and swiss chard.

Picked this Morning
Picked this Morning

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