Green Bean Overload

Florida has to be the luckiest team in the galaxy and for sure the worst 9-1 team ever. They won in the last two seconds of a game against I team I didn’t know existed from a conference that I didn’t know existed. I’m sure glad Georgia won the SEC East so that the Gators didn’t have to face Alabama. Surely that would have been the embarrassment of the season. But now that Texas A&M beat Alabama and they barely escaped defeat by LSU, perhaps a Florida-Alabama matchup wouldn’t be a total disaster.

Nancy made the mother of all meat loafs Saturday. She prepared it in the morning before taking off for a bridge game in Ormond and I put it on the Holland about an hour before she was due home. The recipe came from a TV show called the chew and was presented in a grandmother’s cookoff contest. This meatloaf won the contest and two chefs said it was the best they had ever eaten. It’s a really complicated recipe in terms of ingredients but the schtick is that it’s molded around a major chunk of mozzarella cheese. When you slice the loaf, the cheese oozes out deliciously.

green and yellow beans
green and yellow beans

The big project for the day is freezing green beans. We bought a cutter to French cut the beans and have an ample and continuing supply of raw material. Unfortunately the cutter didn’t arrive on schedule and we had to use the old cut with a knife method. I think I had mentioned that one of the three pole bean towers had collapsed or toppled in the wind and rain of Sandy. I got into it today and picked all the remaining beans and pulled out the plants. The pile of beans I have is almost 10 pounds and that doesn’t included beans we’ve eaten, beans Souza’s have eaten, or beans that Nancy has given to her quilting buddies. Think about what 10 pounds of green beans means. Better yet, look at the pic. It does include beans from the one pole tower and from a 40′ row of bush beans which continue to produce at a high level. The scary part is that I know we’re less than half way done unless we get hit with a freeze, tornado, or grasshopper invasion. Wonder if green beans can be converted into ethanol? We got 7 single meal size bags of cut beans in the freezer. We’re the designated supplier of the green bean casserole for Thanksgiving so I’ll be picking another couple pounds before then.

I was working on my hands and knees in the garden yesterday and happened to glance down and notice that below the knees, my camo pants were turning brown. It took a few seconds and a couple of bites for me to realize I was kneeling on a fire ant nest. A run to the house for an alcohol rubdown and cortizone coating plus an internal dose of benedryl should stem the tide. I’ve learned that quick action usually saves me from big, bad problems.

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