Bean cutter to the rescue

The weather’s been so great I had to take the poke boat out and see if any spec’s were lurking about. It’s a little early but I’ve hearing about decent spec catches in local lakes so decided to give it a try. The lake has changed significantly, at least in our cove. There are now substantial numbers of water lilies scattered throughout as a result of the prolonged low water levels. That’s not necessarily bad from a spec fishing perspective but it does mean that my usual method, trolling, is not quite as easy. On this particular jaunt, I didn’t get out until mid afternoon so it wasn’t surprising that I didn’t catch anything but did get to check out the depths, temps, and other necessities for when the fish are ready.

Last week I lost several nice bluefish with snap swivels opening. So I decided I needed to have wire leader rigs without snaps, the hook directly tied to the leader. I hadn’t recalled seeing what I had in mind at tackle shops so decided to get the material to fabricate my own rigs. Sounds very simple but turns out there’s a little more to it getting the piece sizes to line up and it also turns out that by the time you buy the material and the crimping tool, primarily the crimping tool, you easily have $100+ involved. While researching the material I found a source for pre-made leaders exactly as I had intended to make them at $0.60 each so no way would I ever amortize the set up costs to make the first leader. So at this point I have 30 leaders winging their way here in 3 different hook size – that should last me until I’m too old to cast.

Picked another 5+ pounds of beans. If you don’t pick them young enough, they tend to get tough as oak twigs. This batch is probably destined to become the casserole for Thanksgiving. The French cutter finally arrived and it works just as advertised. Really slices them thin and can handle both traditional round green beans and the flattened Romano style. It’s a one bean at a time operation so it still takes a while to whittle through 5 pounds but much cleaner and easier than doing it with a knife. I have some doubt about whether it will become too dull by the end of the bean season but if it does make the full season, probably worth just planning on buying a new one every year.

I think what has this country screwed up is immigration. People from Blue States should not be allowed to migrate to Red States; businesses can move, not people. People who live in Red States don’t want to live in Blue states so that’s not an issue. Let’s revisit the whole idea of a confederacy. I understand Texas is looking into secession. Windmills and solar panels for the blues; oil, gas, and coal for the reds. I think the entire budget of the Red’s could be financed, with a surplus, just selling fossil fuels to the Blues. And then there’s agricultural products as well. I’m trying to think of something the red states need from the blue states but nothing pops into my mind. Maybe ipads.

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