Thinking about Fall

Starting to think seriously about a fall garden. The rabbit fence project is all but finished and there’s plenty of open spaces in the garden. I have about a dozen tomato plants started in the house and those would be ready to transfer to the garden in early September. I could also plant some green beans and perhaps zucchini in mid September. If I want to try butternuts, that has to happen in the next week or so. A fall crop is the trickiest to manage because it has to start in the hot, buggy, and perhaps most humid season. I did pick up several light weight insect protecting row covers and I’m thinking that may let me protect the young seedlings and germinating seeds through all of September. Then in October, I start adding the late fall/winter crops – for sure cabbage, broccoli, and cauliflower. Hypothetically this gives me a smooth transition so that we’re never without something fresh coming out of the garden. Easier said than done!

We’re picking up enough rain to keep things nice and green but not to really put a dent in the lake level. There’s a fair amount of activity in the tropics so maybe a couple of these disturbances could throw some storm action this way.

I just heard a factoid about Paul Ryan, Romney’s VP pick, that cements the deal for me. Turns out he likes to “noodle” for catfish. Noodlin’ is where the fisherman actually puts his hand into the lair of a catfish, maybe a hollowed out submerged log, tickles the fish into opening his mouth, then reaches in and grabs it. This can be a dangerous sport because some of these fish can reach a hundred pounds. He’s also a bow hunter who tromps around in the woods in Wisconsin in the winter. How tough is this guy!! He lives in his office – literally. I’d really like to get a look at his bass tackle, especially his reel and the top shelf of his tackle box but that probably won’t happen unless the election really gets close and they pull out all the stops. I’ve also decided to vote for Connie Mack for the Senate. His opponent, current senator Bill Nelson, is running an ad that cements this choice for me. It’s a negative ad that comes out claiming that Mack is a “promoter for Hooters”. What more do I need to hear? How can you vote against a promoter for Hooters? The claim is being made that the Republicans have lost touch with women. They sure haven’t lost touch with real men.

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