Coop Rescue

Had a temporary crown put in today and it was much easier than I had anticipated. Took about an hour and I felt virtually nothing through the entire procedure. I go back in about 3 weeks to get the permanent one installed.

I’m hoping we finish the rabbit fence this week. The big job will be cutting out wire from an existing fence and attaching it to the new posts. That doesn’t sound like much but we need to come up with roughly 50′ currently covered with vines – grape and briar. If we get an early start on that tomorrow, chances are we can cut it, get it to the garden, and hang it on the posts on all but the road side. If that goes smoothly, probably even get the nursery cloth hung. Should be able to get the concrete cylinders placed the next day leaving only the stretch along the road to deal with. I have an issue there because I planted a couple of pepper plants too close to the edge, as it turns out, and those will have to be dealt with sooner or later. They are really mature plants and I’m fairly certain that trying to move them will prove disastrous.

Got a call earlier today from my next door neighbor, Harley – the chicken guy. He’s going bigger into the chicken game and building a much larger, more secure coop to house this flock of nine birds. The coop is wood and wire measuring 12′ x 8′ x 8′ tall and is really a well built structure. The call was for a rescue. He was working inside the coop and the door had swung closed and latched so he was locked inside the coop. I went right up and bailed him out. He luckily had a cell phone with him – one that could access the internet. He didn’t know my number so he looked it up on the internet. If that had happened to me I probably would have had to gnaw through the wood to escape.

Can there be more impressive engineering than landing the Mars explorer. If I were a Physics teacher, I know I could structure an entire year’s lesson plan built totally around the concepts used from lift off to landing.

If Obama wins I’m going to start a movement to repeal the 19th.

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