Feelin’ betta

Nancy made the first pot of spaghetti sauce from this years crop of tomatoes. Over the next month, this process will no doubt be repeated a couple times a week – until we are totally out of freezer space. There’s a new wrinkle in this year’s batch with the addition of roasted tomatoes as part of the ingredient list. She’s been doing that for the past 6 months or so with the occasional batch and it definitely changes it up a bit. Now it’s ready for full time production. Lots of fresh picked basil and oregano top it off. Here are a couple of in-process pics.
George got a firm date for his heart valve transplant – June 5. If all goes well, he should be home recuperating by the 10th or even sooner.

How do you know if your hemogloblin goes below 10? You get dizzy when you stand up too fast. That’s fall off a cliff dizzy. I’m taking a fairly heavy dose of iron and go back to the doc tomorrow for another blood test. If history serves, it will take me a couple of weeks to rebuild the blood supply back to the linear region.

Feeling much mo betta after two nights of good sleeping and not much work outside so got all dressed up for breakfast on the town. To calibrate that, all dressed up means exchanging my camo pants for olive drab cargo pants, changing a white tee shirt into a Guy Harvey tee – nice fish pattern on the back and a pocket on the front -, and switching from flip flops to mesh beach shoes. We decided to try a place on the river that had undergone a management change a while back – pan cakes are pan cakes. Turned out to be a really nice choice. We might have been just slightly over dressed but fit right in and ate outside on the river and just enjoyed the scenary. The food is edible, certainly not a place you’d go if you really cared about food, but the ambiance is just right for a Sunday morning. All regular people – smokers,fisherman, and people that just might have a cold one for breakfast instead of coffee. I think we’ll be trying it for lunch too. In retrospect, camo’s would have been ok.

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