Bizzarre week

Please excuse the gap in blog posts. Spent a few unscheduled days in the hospital. All seems well but I have a couple of follow-up visits next week to make sure!!! The problem was a GI problem only very loosely connected to the kidney stone probablem I mentioned a few posts back. So the stone problem resulted in two emergency room visits in just over a week, the second via a 911 call and an emergency vehicle ride at 4AM Tuesday. So read this blog as if you were reading it Wednesday morning and reference below to “tonight” refers to Tuesday night.

I have pizza duty tonight. I’m thinking Raveena eggplant, Gold Rush zucchini, Declaration green pepper, thinly sliced Grenadier tomato and shrimp or maybe sausage. Herbs and spices and cheeses as appropriate. Probably the Cheesey Herb crust.

Just across the lake from us, two pieces of property have been for sale for several years. About 6 months ago they were purchased and I always hold my breath wondering what will change on the lake. We met the couple who bought it and they assured us they were not jet ski kind of people and enjoyed the peace and quiet out here. They have subsequently started working on the property and plan to have some cattle there. Toward that end, they’re digging a large pond up close to the highway and are using the diggings from that to fill in low areas and clean up some of the jungle along the lake front. So it sounds like most of the 20 acres will be pasture. I sure like the idea of that better than any kind of housing development that could be envisioned. Turns out there are a few adjacent pieces of vacant property that they are trying to buy up to put together a sizeable holding.

Here’s a current garden pic. As you can see the corn is really getting tall and putting out lots of silk and tassels. Probably next week we should be picking the first couple ears.

The veggies were picked this morning and include a couple of green squashes and a yellow one; two eggplants – that green skinny guy is an eggplant; two Armenian cucumbers; and a few tomatoes. Other than the deer, the only other critters I’m having trouble with are stink bugs. They are swarming all over the squash leaves on one plant but don’t seem to be bothering the squash itself. That particular plant has about played out anyway so it’s not much of a concern. I could spray but I really hate to put insecticides are what we’re eating so as long as they don’t get too greedy, we’ll share.
The pizza I forecast above came out perfectly. If I went commercial all the regular pizza places would be putting out hits on me.
PS, no I don’t think the pizza is what attacked me!!

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