Oops, sorry chickens

As predicted, the chickens didn’t last very long. Raccoon or equivalent got them a couple nights back. So much for the lettuce to egg trade route I had envisioned.

Tom came up over the weekend so we could check out the fold boat before a potential camping trips in a month or so. It has a few problems that need to be fixed but certainly nothing serious. I think what it needed most was to be run for a couple of hours and we did just that. It wasn’t running well when we first got underway but after a couple of hours it clipped right along at high speed and would idle perfectly for trolling. I’ve always been amazed at just how well that boat performs with just a 5 horse outboard. I know it’s hard to believe but it will actually plane with both Tom and I in the boat – neither one of us is a light weight but the boat itself is well under 100 pounds and I guess is shaped just right for performance. Actually think it idled down to a slower speed than the electric motor and never missed a beat in an hour of ultra slow running. Along the way, caught a nice size speckled perch. Just to be on the safe side, I dumped what remained of the old gas and cleaned out the gas filter. The gas that was in it was over a year old so possibly that was the cause of the initial running problems.

Used the opportunity to do another smoke job – beef ribs again. I cut the time down from 7 hours to 6 this time and the ribs were really better – still falling off the bone but nice and moist. Last time they were falling off the bone but too dry. Getting the hang of it.

We’re coming up on the first of Feb and I plan to get seeds started for some of the serious summer stuff. Aside from tomatoes, which I have already started, that list includes peppers and egg plant plus a few more tomatoes in different varieties. This is actually a little earlier than I normally would start some of this but this long stretch of beautiful weather has me lulled into a false sense of security. Since I have plenty of seeds the downside isn’t too great – if winter comes back, I fall back to plan A. If not, I have a real head start and am totally prepared if summer heat comes too early. That wouldn’t surprise me a bit.

Romney clearly delivered the most “pain in the ass calls” so he doesn’t get my vote. Gingrich wasn’t far behind so he too loses my support. I’ve decided to write in Nancy’s name. Does that count as a Christmas present for 2012?

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