Lake level report

Finally got back on line at the house. The first two days were equipment problems on their end (supposedly) due to the solar flare activity; the second two days were cockpit at my end – I just didn’t know the proper way to reset the modem after the outage.

The lake is within a few inches of being the lowest it’s been in 10 years. Unless things change fairly quickly, no doubt it will be. We haven’t had an inch of rain cumulatively in a couple of months but the nurseries keep pumping, watering fern. bummer. At this point it might be ok to drop another foot and let me get some bottom cleanup done. Maybe scoop out some bottom muck for the compost pile – you know, the silk purse, sow’s ear thing. The weather is incredibly nice this winter but all my fishing spots are high and dry so no use even trying. Well, not exactly true. I just decided to get in the poke boat and paddle around the lake. It would have been stupid to do that without having my rod with me for an emergency situation. I spent about an hour pitching a small spinner jig along the edges of lily pads searching out specs and actually managed to catch 2. They were way smaller than normal so I wasn’t faced with a fish stringer crisis. The pads are usually growing in a few feet of water but now it’s a few inches so it’s really tough to retrieve a cast without catching some bottom grass. Still, it was nice to get out and just enjoy the water.

Found another interesting restaurant in downtown Deland. This is a Mexican restaurant but not the typical taco kind of food but rather cuisine from Central Mexico and, for the most part, totally unrecognizable to folks like us that do more standard Tex-Mex. For our Wednesday dinner out, this is a bit on the upscale side, but ……………… The decor was excellent, the food excellent, live music and just a generally good place to be. It made it to our list of places we’ll revisit. It’s just a few doors down from the Greek place we like and a new upscale Italian place opens at the end of the month in the same general vicinity. So between wine shops that offer wine and appetizers to a nice variety of mid to upscale places to dine, downtown Deland is really picking it up. In fact to show just how big time Deland is going, there was even a small group of “occupy Deland” hippies waving signs down the corner.

Why will Romney win Florida? Simple, lots of old folks who remember Newt being a whack job occasionally and lots of displaced yankees who are ok with a less than conservative candidate. I’m probably going to do a write in since I just can’t see me pulling the lever for any of the candidates.

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