Storm aftermath

Hurricane Irene is driving me crazy. Chris and Jamie are in it; the Burmeister’s are in it; the Bradley’s are in it – all hurricane amateurs – and I’m stuck here in Florida. I just heard a TV personality telling viewers that the eye of the hurricane just made landfall, just offshore NC. Either it made landfall or it’s offshore – can’t be both!!! Should be soon seeing the obligatory reporter on the beach, in a yellow rain jacket, bent over nearly doubled showing us all how hard the wind is blowing. Since the storm track is right up the coast, we’ll be seeing this guy and his counterparts in every state along the way. I was ok yesterday when I had a mental image of Chris’s new place being a few hundred feet above the water until I found out he’s nominally at sea level. His last place was in Jersey City Heights whereas his new place is just Jersey City. At least he doesn’t have a car to worry about and he does live on the second floor. I also know the Bradley’s can’t be very high above sea level, if at all, but it drives me crazy not knowing exactly how high they are or how far they are from the water. I’m hoping they all headed for the Pocono mountains. At least when it was headed our way I had plenty to do getting ready but now all I can do is watch the tube and worry. Is it asking too much to expect all these folks to call me every couple hours to check in??

Updates – Chris is just fine. Never lost electricity. His store was closed over the weekend but opened for business as usual Monday morning. Took the transit system into work as usual. No word yet from the Burmeisters. I know they moved from the Jersey shore to an inland location but maybe that was jumping from the frying pan into the fire.

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