Not even windy

Looks like the hurricane passed us by with a bit of wind and not enough rain to talk about. If I’m O’bama, I’m getting concerned. An earthquake hits Washington and a hurricane is heading to Martha’s Vineyard. It’s one thing to be in a dead heat with Ron Paul but being chased down by Mother nature………………

CAT scan and bone scan all came out fine. The interpretation of that is the problem resides in the prostate, which is exactly what the Dr. had expected. In two weeks, a saturation biopsy, which doesn’t sound like a fun thing, but at least they have the common courtesy to put me out. This biopsy does 100+ samples spaced at about 5mm so they can find small tumors with good accuracy. Jumping ahead to say he’s right and that the PSA rise is not from some other, extraneous cause, the recommended path forward is a cryogenic approach that freezes the bad spots.

Not sure what I would do if I lived in a condo. Today’s events included clipping a few palmettos that had grown in the lake path, tied up a few loose pieces on the dock just in case the winds from Irene prove a little more than projected, sprayed the house inside and out for bugs with Ortho Home Defense, power washed the truck, power washed porch and dock chair cushions and picked a few eggplants and peppers. Power washing is great therapy. Oh yeah, started seedlings for more winter crops – cauliflower, collards, kale, and brussels. When listed it looks like a hard day’s work but I just kind of putz along and never work up a good sweat with this kind of day and have plenty of time to read the Wallpaper and the second Stieg Larsson book. I’m pretty sure I’d go stir crazy in a condo unless it was directly on the beach.

A family friend put me onto a product that, according to him, gives a good energy boost. It’s a powder similar to Crystal Lite which you mix into a bottle of spring water. He also said that if you put a little coffee creamer in the mix, it takes on the flavor of a creamcicle (not sure of the spelling on that but you know what I’m aiming at). If you lay the list of contents along side a general multi purpose vitamin, it lines up with about the same stuff but in lesser amounts. It does have a goodly amount of B-12 and contains caffeine – supposedly from a natural source. I trust the guy who put me on to it so we picked up a pack of 30 multi flavor capsules at Costco. I worked outside for a bit in the heat and was drooping off rapidly so I gave the stuff a try. I think maybe it worked because I was outside cranking away again in about 30 minutes. Certainly tasted good, even with a bit of coffee creamer added. We bought a 30 pack so by the time I’ve worked my way through it, should have a better feel for it but so far, so good. Oh yeah, the stuff is called Zipfizz.

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