Flame thrower

For me, the paint job came out just great. A very close scrutiny might show up some flaws but to my integrating eyes, perfection. I also came up with something for the bear. I removed the blue masking tape, probably 200′ worth, and wadded it into a couple large, sticky balls. I’m going to put them in the trash can and let nature takes it’s course.

Not all the wild life is threatening. For whatever reason, I’ve never seen as many hummingbirds as we have this year. We don’t have any feeders but there are enough flowering plants around to attract them. Still, I think we need to get a couple feeders up and going to lure them closer to the house. My neighbor has four or five around his house and they are really swarming up there.

The corn seed I planted germinated in 3 days! Too soon to say how much of it germinated but a few have already popped out, two to three days before I expected. So did the acorn squash. I guess the higher temperatures and the recent rains have made things happen much faster than I’m used to. It’ll become obvious quickly how these new seedlings will deal with the mid summer heat. I think the corn will do ok for the first couple of weeks since I planted it amongst the butternut squash which should provide plenty of shade for the seedlings and maybe keep the soil just a tad cooler.

My neighbor, George, has a new toy. He picked up an attachment to a propane tank that creates a flame thrower. It has a turbo mode that shoots the colorless flame tongue about 15′. So he can load the propane tank onto the golf cart and ride along slowly torching the weeds along the driveway. It sounds exactly like a hot air balloon taking off so I can hear him coming. He also got a new computer. Guess which of the toys is the most fun to play with. If he has a much trouble with this new computer as with the old, I’m seeing a flame thrower attack on it in the near future. A bear burner?

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