The Bear’s back, big time

It’s a bear. One of the neighbors spotted it last night, standing up knocking over her garbage can. It’s got a regular route and moves from house to house knocking over the cans and rummaging through the contents. According to Norah, it’s really large and “scary”. I’ve thought about moving the can into the shed but do I want it looking around for it or are we better off letting it do it’s thing a hundred feet or so away from the house. I did notice that the Mexican’s house up on the corner was left alone. Not sure if that means theirs is not on the route or if the bear doesn’t like Mexican food. There’s no sense at all calling Animal Control – they do absolutely nothing. Maybe he’ll wander over to the folks on the other side of the lake – the gator shooters – and they’ll solve the problem the old fashion way. My pellet gun might just piss him off. The other possibility is to just burn the trash and forget about the can entirely. In the mean time, the plan is to move the can farther away from the house and closer to the Mexican place. Plan B, eat more Mexican food.

Bear update – in addition to the sighting by Norah, it came up on George’s back deck. Barbara heard something and turned on the deck light and there it was. Now that’s close. It got into two of their bird feeders. Get a mental picture of a bird feeder 6′ up on 2” galvanized pipe and visualize that pipe bent double. Or better yet, check out the pic. Hard to believe but that’s exactly what it did. Bears must like bird seed. George also has Koi ponds up against the house so if it ever figures that out………………….

Back to being a bachelor. Nancy and a friend are hitting the quilting circuit in Georgia for a few days. I’m going to paint an interior wall (or two) that I’ve been thinking about for quite a while. With Nancy not around, I can do it the way I want, at my own pace, and without worrying about the cleanup until it’s really time to clean up. I just crank up the XM tuned to either The Coffee House or The Loft and let the paint fly. Since the last time I did any painting and this time, either a new product has arrived or it was there all the time and I’ve just found out about it. I always used masking tape to protect those areas not to be painted, ceilings, molding etc. I saw an ad on TV a while back for a blue tape designed specifically for this job and was sold on trying it. I can tell you now, from personal experience, that it really made the taping job easier to apply and easier/cleaner to remove. It’s certainly not cheap but I’m ok with that and rank this innovation right up there with iphones. In fact I like it better than iphones.

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