Back on line

Had a brief lack of internet when our signal unexpectedly dropped to near zero. I called the provider several days in a row and was told they were working on it. Our system is wireless and I thought it involved satellites but can’t imagine sending somebody up to fix the satellite. So it must be cell tower based. Anyway, back on line so my bride is a happy camper.

This Casey Anthony trial sure has my daily routine screwed up. I normally get all my outside work done in the morning, between 9AM and noon, before it just gets too hot. With the trial starting at 9, I’ve had to shift my yard work to fit when the trial breaks for lunch – when the temperature and humidity have soared to peak levels.

Got one more, the last one for sure, batch of tomatoes and sauce. By my tally, that would get us to 88 quarts for the season. Freezers full. I have some seedlings ready to hit the garden about mid July – maybe they’ll survive, maybe not. Way fewer than the original batch and intended for regular sliced tomato eating and salad – no more sauce.

Finished off the corn. I wouldn’t label it a total success but we did get a fair amount relative to previous years and identified an area of the garden needing a bit more attention. It was successful enough to encourage another crop try.

Have a few okra plants poking through the soil. I’m trying two different varieties in hopes of finding one that produces pods that remain tender at a larger size. The types I’ve tried to date have gone woody when they get much more than 2” long and I’d really like them at least double that. Also spotted my first Louisiana Long eggplant. It’s a heritage variety. I bought the seeds last season and have had zero success getting them from seed stage to garden vegetables – very poor germination rate and then difficulty moving seedlings to the main garden. I managed to get one plant growing nicely and putting out plenty of blossoms but no fruit; that is until I spotted two yesterday. The fruit is long, thin and green so it looks nothing like a conventional eggplant and hard to spot on the plant. The Lavender Touch variety, in the pic last post, is the variety that overwhelmed us last season and looking good again this year.

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