The end of the tomatoes

Starting, finally, to get some afternoon thunderstorms. No where near enough to impact the lake level but at least I’m getting a break watering the garden.

Pulled out all the tomato plants except one that has maybe another 2 weeks in it plus all the summer squash so the garden is looking fairly empty at this point. This coming week will mark the end of the cucumbers and I’ll probably yank out the beans as well. My plan is to let it rest for a month except for those items planted in the last month or so – that would be the sweet potatoes, eggplant, okra, and cherry tomatoes – then start planting new stuff. I’m reasonably confident that the heat and humidity in July and August will doom anything started new, but it just doesn’t cost much to try and maybe something will defy the odds and survive.

After pulling these plants out by the roots, I’m confident I can tell exactly what the nematode situation is in any one place. Out of a dozen tomatoes planted, two crashed with a couple of months and the roots were severely damaged. No surprise. Among the remaining plants 6 grew extremely well and produced an exceptional load of fruit; the other four grew well and produced a good crop but were definitely not as robust as some of the brethren. Sure enough, the roots on those exceptional plants were ultra clean, full, and lengthy whereas the lesser plants exhibited roots with some signs of nematode damage deep down. This is all good news because I know exactly what I did to the soil, pre-planting, at each location and it will be quite easy to duplicate the successes.

This is going to be one of those bad, bad days – two days actually. I have a colonoscopy tomorrow, just a routine checkup, but it really screws up my daily routine. I scheduled the event itself for a 6:30AM arrival so that I can get in and out of there with the least chance of delay due to a backup at the medical center. But then I got to thinking, that means I have to be up before 5AM to complete all the pre – event stuff. The good news is that breakfast is my favorite meal and the medical facility is close to my favorite breakfast place – that would be the best biscuits in town.

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