Sudoku Program

I’ve been moaning and groaning for some rain – but not all at once and not as part of a giant storm. One popped up the other night about 6PM that was as fierce as any hurricane I’ve experienced. Two inches of rain, mostly horizontal, in an hour. It took half a day to clean up the aftermath, mostly hauling dead branches, chain saw sized branches, over to the burn pile. And repairing and rehanging the sun shade on the dock. We lost power for a couple of hours but for some strange reason, not until an hour after the storm had passed and the skies had cleared. But the big casualty, just as I expected, was the corn. It’s mostly horizontal now. That’s the best reason yet to underplant it with squash – when the corn blows over, there’s still a crop growing.

The other personal impact is that two large trees were blown over which gets my neighbor salivating about the prospects for firewood. We spent a full day with chain saws and bent backs cutting, splitting and relocating enough firewood to take care of the next couple of years. Glad I have the Bigeloil. Learned something interesting in the process. The trees that fell are Water Oaks. I always thought they were called water oaks because they grew near the water. Wrong, they are full of water internally. When you cut them into logs, water drips out in substantial quantities – water, not sap. That also makes them much heavier than you would ever expect.

Beginning to think I made a big mistake. I downloaded a free Sudoku app from the i-tunes store. I figured I could totally satiate my need to do the puzzles and save the cost of the books. It started out frustrating, learning the mechanics of the program, but after a couple of weeks bulbs starting going off in my head and I started to appreciate the program. I had calibrated myself as a fairly good player since I only bought super hard puzzle books and could manage to do about 75% of those. Some of the puzzles were labeled demonic or maniacal; extremely challenging, nearly impossible. But somehow I managed to maintain my 75% average. This free program has similar rankings but after you complete a puzzle, it gives you a statistical comparison regarding your performance. That’s where the problem comes in. I now have the mechanics down pretty good but still my results are usually that I’m better than 15% of the other people. That means 85% are faster. Not sure if that’s 85% in the world, US, Universe, Barberville or what but it’s still bothersome that I’m in the bottom 15%. When I use the books, I relegate myself to the top 85%. It doesn’t seem to matter if I do puzzles labeled simple or intricate or difficult – I’m still only at 15% with an occasional jump. I hit the top 62% one time. Not sure what the rest of the world was doing on that one but it seemed to me to be about the same as the other puzzles. If there was a way to shut off the comparison, I’d do it. It seems like it’s putting on an extra level of pressure I don’t need. I want to be 100% happy completing a puzzle, not 15% happy/85% bummed out.

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