Fall Break

Had a great Fall Break. Simon came up Monday morning and we spent all week hanging out. Last time he was here for a week we had focused hard on fishing the lake. This time we decided to expand our horizon and do mostly salt water fishing. The surf was too rough to do the beach so instead we loaded the kayaks on the truck and hit different inland salt water places each day.

Tuesday we did the north end of Mosquito Lagoon. We were prepared to kayak and wade as the occasion required. We put in about 9AM at the south end of the Canaveral National Seashore Park. The lagoon is very shallow and just full of fish – schools of mullet everywhere. We fished for a few hours and I managed a few strikes but no fish. It was quite windy and there were serious looking storm clouds very close so we stayed nominally close to our put in spot. Even with no fish we had a great experience. Kayaked right next to a school of manatee; right next to a school of porpoises that were tearing into the mullet. We scouted out a few other places in the general vicinity that would be good prospects for future trips. Also found a good bagel deli for future beach trips right across the street from Boston’s on New Symrna Beach. Si did a salami sandwich that had to be 3” thick; My ham wrap was equally as generous. Great sounding breakfast sandwich bagels on the menu.

Wednesday we hit Tomoka State Park and did the small canals we had fished a couple of years ago in the canoe. I hooked two nice snook and lost them both. Saw manatee there too. We had packed our lunch and found a nice shaded picnic area above the Tomoka River and just enjoyed life.

Thursday we hit Strickland Creek which is a feeder into the Tomoka. What a great creek – exactly like fishing the Sebastian River – overhanging trees, brush, and lots of activity. Once again I nailed a very large snook – same as the day before, on a large top water bait. Somehow he got off but an awesome experience. Oh yeah, another manatee sighting. For an endangered species, we sure saw them everywhere. I just really don’t see how they can continue to call these guys endangered with a straight face. We had paddled about 20 minutes from the Park where we put in and then the wind and tide carried us back. At the park there’s a wooden walk that juts out from the bank and parallels it for a few hundred feet. I noticed signs that people had crabbed from the walk and we decided to give that a try. All we needed was a scoop net, some chicken wings or necks to bait a line, and crab boil seasoning to cook the catch. An hour later we had all that plus some ready made sandwiches from Publix. We baited 5 lines and then sat back to wait for action. It came in spurts where we’d have a couple of crabs on lines at the same time; then long dry periods. It took us a few misses before we got the timing right between us for pulling in the lines and scooping them. If you pull too fast, they drop off and if you wait too long to scoop they also let go. So you have to do it just right. We found the right combo on 7 keepers. Brought those bad boys to the house. Within an hour, Nancy and Simon were doing blue crab appetizers while I grilled some nice pork ribs for barbecue.

Friday we decided to stick close to home and do the lake. That was fun for a change since I hadn’t been fishing since all that hospital crap over a month ago. I nabbed first and most; Simon cleaned me on the biggest. I think his big one was bigger than both mine combined but ………………………

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