Home alone

When Nancy left for Utah this week I had certain expectations about what would happen here. And for the most part, all of my predictions are proving true. For example, it’s very quiet. No vacume cleaners, no leaf blowers, and no sewing machines. There’s also very little discussion about what goes on the TV or even when it goes on. No daytime TV to break the peace and serenity of the woods – tough luck Dr. Phil. And also as expected, I’ve not screwed up even once. I usually screw up many times during each day but so far, I’m absolutely clean. No screw ups or at least none that I recognize. No surprises on the food front. I had been hoarding left-overs for a couple of weeks – sorry about that Joey – and have enough backlog to carry me through Sunday. I’m caught up on all my WSJ’s, Business Weeks, the Volusia paper, the Deland Beacon, and the Sanford Mullet wrapper.

But there have been some surprises. The tangerines are turning orange. They were bright green when Nancy left, and started turning orange the next day. Ditto the grapefruit – they started switching from green to yellow. How did they know??? Ever the scientist, I hot footed it over to May’s tangerine tree to see if maybe this was just a normal seasonal transition. Nope, her’s are as green as Granny Smith apples. And last year at one of the Cocoa Village craft shows we bought a couple of orchids. They have done nothing and look exactly like they did a year ago. On Tuesday I checked and there was a large stalk with blossems forming. There was no sign of anything going on last week and oila!, a bloom as soon as she leaves. I should mention the red bromiliad down on the path that appeared dormant forever and has suddenly sent out a dramatic showing this week. Not any one of these horticultural events would have startled me but to have it all happen at once and a few days after Nancy leaves? That can’t be a coincidence. I’m going to be really curious to see how they react when they see she’s back next week.

I’d like to say that the fish all of a sudden turned on, but so far nothing on that front.

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