final word

Complete clean bill of health from surgery. As I had been told several times over the past 10 years, it was a nothing – a lypoma. They give it a nasty sounding name but it’s just a sac of fat or water, totally benign. The doctor said it looked like a nasty flying saucer or a breast implant, whichever visualization you prefer.

A gardening tip – Use your newspaper for mulch around your plants. It keeps weeds down, is cheap, biodegradable after a year or so but most of all, reallyl holds moisture well. I had done some recent landscaping with plants that require a reasonable amount of water. That would be azaleas and Hydrangeas. I planted them in the shade so assumed the heat would not be a problem and hell, this is Florida in the summer so water is no problem at all. Wrong. While I hope these plants eventually put down some deep roots and don’t need so much attention, without any rain, these guys droop badly by the end of a day. That is until I used the paper solution. Now they hold up for 3 days without watering. And I have plenty of paper. We now take 4 regular papers and one on occasional basis. We take the Volusia News Journal. Need that so I can keep track of Chris’s weather and get the weekly fishing report; Also the daily tide chart comes in handy; the Sudoku puzzle. and nd the weekly TV guide. We get the Deland Beacon. I think we get that because of the imbedded coupons. That must be the reason for there certainly is nothing resembling news. Maybe half that of the Volusia paper which is nearly zero itself. We now get the Sanford Herald since Tommy is contributing and could one day be the managing editor after they see the quality of his inputs. And then of course we get the Lake Mary High School paper for the same reason. Of course I take the Wall Street Journal, the source of most of my vast knowledge and opinions. So you can see we have a long position on paper every day and the mulching program is a great recycler. There are probably plenty of people who read as many papers but I doubt any could tell you the water absorbtion characteristics of each and know which should be used for different kinds of mulching.

A closing thought. I have needed to run the new generator before hurricane season to get the required 5 hours of run time until the breakin oil must be changed. Nancy and the neighbors left today early so I decided today was a great day to run it. To load it, I ran the AC and dehumidifier in my shed. Then it struck me. I keep saying that the only bad thing about the generator is that it’s too small to run the house AC. But it does run the AC’s in the sheds – both of them. And since we have “his” and “her” sheds………….. At this time we have only one aero blowup bed but I can see where another one could be an essential element in the hurricane prep kit. I already have an XM radio set up in His; so if I got a small TV and unpacked one of our multiple VCR’s, Her’s could do just as well in the entertainment dept, not to mention the sewing machine setup. Bring ‘em on!

2 thoughts on “final word

  1. You’re missing Tommy’s music review in SLUG – although you don’t seem like SLUG material. It would keep your plants wet though.


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