surgery update

Everything came out just fine. The fatty tissue, called a lypoma, was fully encased, unattached and I hear, came out easily. I was put out with a general anesthetic about 2:30 and fully awake by about 3:30; home at 4:30. The only misgiving I had was just before the anesthesia was administered the background music was playing “So you’ve had a bad day”. I definitely picked up on that. I have a prescription for pain medication but have not needed it – just an occasional Tylenol seems to have it well under control. Slept fine the night of the operation and ever since so all in all the only side affect is some manageable soreness. I go back next week to have the stitches removed and learn the results of testing on the tissue. Without a doubt, the critter bite on Tuesday was a far, far more painful experience.

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