critter attack

Had a nice encounter in the jungle yesterday. I was doing a major trim, clean and fill operation back by the picnic table. It had overgrown in the past year since I’ve fairly well ignored it after the dock was built. Anyway, I was wearing sunglasses and a sweat band around my head. I felt an irritation on my left ear where the head band and sunglasses set. I guessed that it was just rubbing and the sweat was aggravating it. I rubbed it a few times but it would not go away and in fact started to burn a bit – no doubt the salty sweat. Over the next few minutes it started to feel like a real burn and within another 5 minutes was really pounding. By then I figure this was not the head band but probably a spider bite. I actually had to sit down and decided to wrap up the task at hand and go do an alcohol and cortisone treatment. By the time I finished and walked up to the house it was throbbing and making me a bit dizzy. I took the head band off and there was the nastiest looking caterpiller/larva you have ever seen. It was a white thing with horns and hair. Really gruesome – probably an East Indian Killer wasp larva or something like that. I had squooshed him somewhere along the line. The pain had started down my neck and I could see my ear and head swelling. Nancy was at quilting so I decided to go over to Barbara and see if she could see anything to pull out. She put ice on it, sprayed it with something and gave me a benedryl. I went back home, got a shower, took another benedryl and made an ice pack. The throbbing and swelling persisted for a while so I took a couple of ibuprofen and laid down. My ear was huge, bright red and hot to touch. It was like double the normal size and along with the head swelling, I really looked like hell. In an hour or so the throbbing quit and the swelling went down. It was still sore to the touch and burned but certainly I was over the hump. By 4, about 5 hours after the sting, it was almost back to normal. We went out to dinner and I mowed the lawn when we came back – all better, no pain or burning.

That was Tuesday. Today I go get that bump cut out of my side at the Deland Surgical Center. I’m guessing that won’t hurt nearly as bad as the critter bite. The operation is at 2:30 so I expect to be home recuperating by 5 or so. They told me to fast from Midnight which means no food or water. I took the liberty to have a cup of coffee this morning secure in the knowledge that I’ve given it plenty of time to work through my system. If the surgery had been scheduled for 6AM, the fast still would have started at midnight so that must be so much bunk.

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