Mr fixit

On Saturday afternoon a week or so ago, Nancy called my attention to the fact that our water pressure was low. I didn’t pay that much attention since the pressure normally cycles as in any well – pump system. Later when I needed water, it became obvious that there was almost no pressure at all. I took an electrical device out to the pump to determine whether or not there was power at the pump. There was. Joey and Mark joined me as we removed the covers from the electrical connections looking for any fault. Apparently either critters or dirt had worked between a relay contact and kept power from the pump which had bled down to zero. We cleaned off the contacts and away it went, back to full pressure in a minute or so. Problem solved.

Fast forward to the next Monday. We went surf fishing and as we normally do, emptied the ice bin from the refrigerator into a cooler for preserving any fish caught. When we got home later in the afternoon we noticed that no new ice had been made. We cycled it a couple of times manually – added water and waited to see that it cubed and dumped properly. That worked but it wouldn’t fill itself. I have the ability to turn even the simplest plumbing task into a nightmare so after having my idea to forget the icemaker and return to totally reliable, tried and true trays rejected, I screwed up my courage and attacked the problem which I figured was probably crap in the lines or worse, a bad water valve in the ice maker. I eliminated the water lines as a source and decided that digging any deeper into the guts of the thing was not something I wanted to start. Call a service guy and get an appointment for next Monday at the soonest. I decided to try shutting off the freezer section, removing all the stuff and taking a hair dryer to the icemaker to maybe thaw out any frozen lines. I was thinking that maybe when the pressure was at zero, the very low flow caused an ice buildup which finally froze the lines. It worked!!!!!!!!!!! It had occurred to us that we had to use a hair dryer more than once on the icemaker at the castle to restore operation. Bet we don’t forget that again.

So if I told you that a dead bug at the well caused the ice maker to die, you can believe it! who’d a thunk it. I’m on a repair streak now, the well and the icemaker not too long after replacing a switch on the washing machine. The downside is getting it into my head that I can do these kind of repairs without paying the ultimate price, eventually. Worse, it makes Nancy think that if she just keeps needling me, I can actually fix things. I probably need to blow a job just to restore my bumbling amateur status so I should pick a cheap one.

3 thoughts on “Mr fixit

  1. I wanna know why I didn’t get my “props” on the pump fix.. Reading the blog one might assume I was simply there as a casual observer… I would like everyone to know, and Mom can verify that I single handedly diagnosed the electrical problem and feel like I should get an honorary degree from the university of Phoenix… Or Barberville U..


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