Deep Freeze

For some totally unfathomable reason, I can’t post my blog on the desktop.  Ok on the laptop, but not the desktop.   I really do hate computers.

We’re dealing with another round of winter.  This time it’s really supposed to drop off cold.   It was 40 this AM and is forecast to be 31 tomorrow morning.   I made a great call to cover the garden as best I could yesterday.   It was warmer and not windy so spreading the sheets over the tomato and pepper plants was a job I could handle myself.   Had I waited until today, no way.   Besides being a bit colder, the wind is blowing at 20mph directly out of the north.  Under those conditions the sheets turn into sails and are just unmanageable for one person.   But it’s done and I’m only hoping that it’s adequate.   The bushes are loaded with unripe fruit and I hate to lose it.   I also covered seedlings that have germinated in the garden and that I haven’t transplanted to final locations.   The seedlings that I have transplanted are on their own.  They’re all veggies that’s should be able to handle some cold – radishes, cabbage, kale, kohlrabi and lettuce.   I’d also like just a little breeze coming over the lake.   That picks up a little warmth in the air.      

We’re eating and loading up friends with the hearty greens – kale, chard and lettuce.   I created a pizza masterpiece using Swiss chard and cherry tomatoes last night.   The base sauce was the season’s first batch from the garden tomatoes so even if my protection fails, we can say we got one (10-pints) batch.

Yesterday was a bridge day for Nancy so I got up early and did the covering mentioned above.  I dropped her off at the game and decided to take my 3 mile walk on the beach, northbound from Flagler.   I stepped down onto the beach and noticed right away that I was the only person in sight.   Could have been the cold, could have been the stiff wind blowing right out of the north.  I hesitated but decided I could handle it and would quickly warm up as I walked.  Also,I was going into the wind and figured it would be really easy coming back with the wind behind me.  I got about 1/4 mile before I gave out.  My chest was banging because of the cold air I was breathing so I decided it was totally crazy to continue on.   Normally I would have just driven back to the mainland and hit the library but, being MLK day, the library was closed.  The only other option was to hit my Monday watering hole, Houligans, a little earlier and expand my one beer stop into a two beer stop.  I mean what other option did I have?  That worked out just fine. 

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