Coconuts on the Beach

Got the last of the tomato and green pepper seedlings planted in the garden. I mentioned earlier that I had lost 3 of the first 4 tomatoes but I was able to bring two of those back to life so the final total is 12. The peppers look good as well. Had an interesting encounter while planting the last of those yesterday. I was down on my hands and knees working up against my plant support poles when a blue jay landed on the structure about 3’ away. He was making little bird noises and keeping an eye on me; I was making little people noises and kept an eye on him. That went on for about 5 minutes and I eventually got up and left. This morning I went out first thing to check on how the newly planted survived the night – which they all did – when the bluejay came back and landed a foot or so away. I’ve never had that close an encounter with a wild bird. After two days and two encounters, I’m ready to declare this a real friendship.

I hit the beach again Friday while Nancy played bridge. The ocean is still way too rough to even consider fishing but fine for walking. This time I started further north than my usual haunt – at Washington Oaks State Park. After just a few yards I spotted something unusual for our beaches – a washed up coconut. Coconuts on the beach are not at all unusual in south and central Florida but I’ve never seen one this far north. As a kid on Cocoa beach it wasn’t at all a surprise to find nuts that had actually sprouted. We’d replant these in the yard and have coconut palms routinely growing. As I walked I saw more and more. These must have come from the Bahamas as a result of hurricane Dorian.

We varied our Friday trip home from the Ormond Beach brewery and the food truck there and decided to try a new one in Ormond by the Sea, Beachside Brewery. It’s a really small place but had good reviews and they also had a food truck stopping by. The beer was really good and the food truck totally on a par with our regular Friday night truck. The brew I settled on was called “Heffy’s Weisen; Nancy picked “Beachin Blond”. The truck was called Mola Miami Grill and had an outstanding menu. We split a Cuban sandwich that was excellent and so big that we ended up taking almost half of it home. Lot’s of exotic seafood items – coconut shrimp, bang-bang shrimp, Blue crab sandwich etc etc etc.

Joey came over Saturday and spent several hours doing yard/jungle work. Big help. He gathered up two very full wheel barrow loads of pine needles – more than enough to finish off the path next week.

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