No Cataract surgery

Finally worked my way through weeding the garden. It took 4 days, 2-3 hours per day. I start before 9AM and hang it up by 11AM – totally drained. This is down on your hands and knees pulling weeds up by the roots. I keep a 5 gallon paint bucket beside me to collect the weeds and then dump that onto the compost pile. After this marathon weeding event, the two compost piles are loaded. Loaded means 3’ x 6’ x 5’ – 90 cubic feet. That will shrink down as the new stuff deteriorates but it’s getting to be a monster job turning it. I’ve never had this much compost at one time and I may have gone over the top. It’s been alternating hot and wet for the past couple of weeks which aids the decomp but still…………….

I did a mildew check on the dock after painting a few boards with bleach. Compared to the Wet and Forget soaked area and find both to be performing about the same. Supposedly the regular bleach is fast acting whereas the Wet and Forget operates continuously for months. We’ll see. It’s actually looking pretty good. I spend quite a bit of my time on the dock – reading, playing with the laptop, and fishing since it’s always a few degrees cooler than up at the house.

The garden is really suffering this season. It’s either cool and very wet or very hot/very dry. The poor plants are totally confused and struggling just to stay alive. The bumper crop are the sunflowers – which was an accidental planting. Maybe somebody was trying to tell me something.

I dodged a bullet the other day with an annual visit to the eye doc. Last year they told me I was going to need cataract surgery sooner rather than later. He said “you’ll know when it’s time”. Well no little bird told me I needed them so I went to this meeting expecting to hear it was time. Nope. It was a new doc and he said I probably had another year before it would become a problem. Now if the urologist gives me the same kind of slack……………..

I hit the beach Monday after dropping Nancy off at the bridge club. I really expected to last only a half hour or so before the heat knocked me over but was pleasantly surprised to find a nice light onshore breeze, probably 10 degrees cooler than on the mainland. The surf was quite moderate so I could stand about knee deep in the water and just enjoy the whole thing. Even caught a couple of fish. What more could a guy want.

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