A dock social event

Olivia joined a sorority, ADP. I thought ADP was a 50‘s data processing company but I guess they expanded out into the sorority business somewhere along the line. So at this point she’s 100% committed between a freshman college load, an off campus job, and a sorority. I think she’ll make it all work.

Simon decided to just hole up on Sunday, enjoy the river camp and recover from an overload of sun, mosquitoes, and sore arms. Then on Monday he put on the last 5 miles to Lafayette Blue Springs where Tina picked him up. All in all a successful trip since it ended up with a pledge to do the lower half next year – from Lafayette Blue Springs on down to the Gulf. On Friday he headed up to the Coosa River Science Center for his next wilderness gig.

The pole beans I planted the first of August are already 5 feet long with tendrils climbing up the trellis, more than halfway to the top. No matter how many times I experience this growth, it still always blows me away. The plan is to put in a second batch the first of September. The cucumbers planted the same time are adding leaves but are way too short to reach the trellis. I’ll plant the second batch of those also on the first. So with any luck with respect to the weather, we should be set with both crops until near Christmas.

We’ve got a few wild guava trees in the jungle. My neighbor planted some years ago and the birds, squirrels or whatever have dropped seeds hither and yon so between us we get a pretty good crop. A few days ago Barbara knocked on the door and asked if we minded if she picked the ones in our jungle. No problem. Today, as if by magic, a few jars of guava jelly showed up. She said they will take a few days to set up but I could notice a big difference in just 12 hours.

Joanne was in need of some lake time so she joined us this weekend. We (she and I) did a cheese and wine social (sans cheese) on the dock Saturday evening. It was even nice enough to rain and storm a little while we were out there.

So a journalist gets his head chopped off by bad guys in Iraq and we have a Chicago community organizer in charge of responding (or not). I can see where he would feel more at home when an unarmed thug gets shot by a cop for resisting arrest and the local merchants are looted. Send in Al Sharpton and Eric Holder after a week of rioting. I think Big Al and Eric should be sent to Iraq to protest the activities there. Do a little community organizing maybe.

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