Spec’s are Biting

Bad news first – the lake is still dropping and already too low to drop the boat in the water. So much for trolling for specs. The good news is that instead, I tried casting small jigs out of the poke boat and have started catching spec’s after all. That sent me back in to oil the tackle, wipe off the cobwebs and break out the serious tackle. I found the fish not too far from one of my special secret locations so that was more good news. I was concerned that they would have moved to some totally new location and without trolling to cover large areas, the chances of blindly finding a school is slim. No size to them yet but today I was, at one time, catching one every cast. In addition to the spec’s, I pick up an occasional bass and big bluegill so the action has gotten hot and heavy. Most of the bass have been small but I did pick up a couple that were in the two pound range that put up a real fight on the ultra light tackle I use for specs. I didn’t count fish but am sure the total was well over 20. I quit fishing, not because the fish quit biting, but because my back was giving out. Fishing out of the poke boat is really fun but tough on the body. I haven’t been kayaking for quite a while so I need to build up those muscles again.

We’ve had one of those “atomic” wall clocks that sync’s up with the Bureau of Standards hanging in our bedroom for years. The other morning I woke up and noticed that the LCD display was totally blank, no doubt needing a battery change. So I changed the batteries and put it outside facing Colorado to allow it to do it’s magic thing. Worked fine and I hung it back up. At exactly 6AM the next morning we learned that the clock is an alarm clock. I grabbed it off the wall and pushed buttons until it went silent. I took it off to the kitchen and tried to disarm the alarm function. Put it back up but this morning, at exactly 6AM, we learned that my effort to disable the alarm was a bust. There are only 3 buttons on the back of this thing, one that says Set, one with a plus sign, and one with a minus. I figured out that you just keep pressing the set button and it walks through all the possible things to set and sure enough the word “alarm” popped up. If you hit the plus or minus keys it just changes the alarm time so my default could be to have it beep at noon but I opted to hit the set key past the word alarm and take my chances that this will disarm it. We’ll know tomorrow morning at exactly 6AM. Really, would you expect the default condition as a result of changing batteries to be a loaded 6AM alarm?

Barbara picked the first batch of collard greens today. We don’t eat them but love to grow them as give aways and trade material, as in trading shrimp or blueberries for collard greens. I have 6 plants and we’ll be picking leaves from them until May. The biggest recipients are the ladies at the Crescent City Bridge club. By the end of December, I’ll be keeping them smiling with loads of greens – collards, swiss chard, and kale.

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