Initial thoughts on the Election

I have to rationalize the election results. First I think this election was really a contest between a Socialist and a Democrat. I was not happy with Romney, a Massachusetts guy, from the get go. The Republicans didn’t have a horse in the race. Considering my advanced age, I’m not expecting much to change on a personal level. I feel sorry for the next generation but they voted for it. I guess the European Socialist model is more appealing to them than the American free market system and maybe this will be a wake up call that our education system has really fallen into disrepair. Nice market reaction. Maybe I can cancel my stress test – this was enough stress to prove my durability and maybe I’m too close to the edge now.

As bad as it was in much of Florida, the voting experience was quite painless out here in the woods. Total time from the house and back was 35 minutes, about half in travel time. There were more people than I’ve ever seen at that polling place, probably 15-20. The problem was that it was a 3 page ballot with a dozen or so referendum issues, a couple of which took a full page of text; other than that it would have been a breeze. I doubt many of the voters I saw in line from Orlando could even read the ballot let alone make intelligent decisions. Maybe that’s the game plan. My socialist son said that his vote cancelled mine. Actually, his vote cancelled his home made veggie soup; And his eggplant parmesan; and his corn and shrimp. There have to be consequences for bad behavior. I should have sent him to a better school maybe Weber State. Maybe his crib had lead based paint. Did the bike accident cause brain damage that we missed? Maybe we didn’t feed him enough seafood during the critical brain cell development period.

Lessons from the election: Repeal the 19th; the Founding Fathers had it right. Boycott Ohio. Windmills are here to stay – Eagles be on alert. 401’s swirling the toilet bowl

4 thoughts on “Initial thoughts on the Election

  1. Fine with everything except knocking the U. Tread carefully there. Maybe the biology department had some wacko profs or something, but don’t include the whole university.


  2. Did you get a clarification on everyone’s vote? I’m the only one who said how I voted.. You might be surprised.. jus sayin 😉


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