rabbit zilla

It’s been nice getting some occasional rain but it has unleashed the largest number and hungriest mosquitoes ever. With my low blood count, I’m pretty sure these guys could drain me completely in just a few minutes. In fact they’re so big that if they got their act together, they could carry me off to finish the kill at their leisure. So I’m forced to dress full winter – long pants, long sleeve shirts, and socks – in the heat of summer. So if I don’t succumb to blood loss, dehydration would surely finish me off. Any exposed skin is sprayed with poisons. Other than that………

I have a problem for sure in the garden with rabbits. The local predators just are not getting the job done. They don’t really like most of what I have growing right now but everytime I go out there now there are a couple hopping around in the garden just waiting for me to plant something more to their liking or removing the covers from the sweet potato plants. These rabbits are so tame that I have to actually go over and give them a little kick to get them moving. A kick moves them about 5′ so I take a step and give another kick – all you have ever heard about how timid they are is bunk. No way will we be able to have a fall garden with cabbages, lettuce, and the other typical seasonal greens. I mentioned to George that my next step is to break out the pellet gun but that would bother Barbara so I’m thinking fencing or maybe just hanging up the hoe, so to speak.

Had a follow-up to the kidney stone procedure and the blaster assured me he had got “the” stone. But he was quick to add that there are still 2-3 more on each, that would be each, side. They are quite small and way up in the kidney so there’s nothing to do but let nature take it’s course. Nice. He said just drink plenty of liquid and come back for another X-ray in 6 months. Nothing happens quickly and I’ve probably had this overhang for years and never knew it. He hadn’t received the chemical analysis yet but was pretty sure they were calcium oxalate, very garden variety and no dietary changes would make much difference. I’m thinking about the advice an old neighbor gave me – go into the bathroom with a case of beer and just stay there until the stone passed.

Back to hitting the Pierson library to get on the internet. The local Sprint tower must have been zapped so we have no signal at all. I’ve been assured that it will be fixed but ……………………….

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