Sunday with Simon

Had a great day Sunday. We were invited up to Gainesville to join Simon and Julia at an arts festival. The weather was perfect and the show was the right mix of low priced, mid priced and expensive arts and crafts. Lots of food and miscellaneous booths to spice it up a bit. We finally got to eat at Big Lou’s, one of their regular eating haunts but will have to wait until next time to hit Flocco’s – the Cuban sandwich superstore. It’s a great ride up there – no traffic and good scenery. Simon now lives in a dorm with a kitchen so he’s eating in more often than last year. The big loser in that arrangement turns out to be Joey. For the past 4-5 years, he got all the leftovers and special dishes from his mother. Guess who’s getting that stuff now – our trunk was loaded with goodies.

Spotted an otter in the lake. I thought I had seen one a few days back but it was a fleeting sighting and too far away to make a positive ID but today, I was up close and personal with a fairly large one. I had paddled on down toward the north end of the lake and heard the distinctive snorting of an Otter. Sure enough, he was heading directly toward me and got within 50′ when he dived. He stay submerged until he was well into the lily pads and only when I heard him snorting again, was I able to figure out where he was. Last year, just about this time, a pair showed up and were cavorting around for a couple of weeks before they disappeared. I figured they were looking for a nesting spot and decided there was too much kayak traffic to raise a family so they left. I hope they stay this year even though deep down inside I suspect they play hell with the spec population.

Who says we don’t have fall colors in Florida. Check out the pic. One day the leaves are green; the next day red; the next day gone.

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