Test #1 done

Well I drank the first of the Berry Smoothies last night. It would classify as the worst Berry Smoothie in the galaxy but it wasn’t nasty. That’s good because I had another one to put down in a few hours. It would really have been cruel and unusual punishment if it was killer bad and you had 8 hours between doses to fret about it. As to the CAT scan itself, nothing terrible. They inject some iodine into the blood stream which is simple enough and then move you in and out of a machine. I think the whole thing took about 20 minutes and is very ho hum.

There has been a silver lining to all this testing. When we first moved here we found a truck stop that defined the term greasy spoon. But the food and service were great. It was a regular spot for us until it was forced out of business a few years back due to a lease issue the owner of the building wanted to sell the property. A few hundred feet away was a Waffle House that went belly up about the same time and after a 6 month hiatus, Big Rig took over the Waffle House and reopened as Big Rig 2. We jumped right back in and found that while shut down, all the great employees that worked together like a finely oiled machine, had scattered and the newby’s were simply not up to the task. We tried it twice more with about 3 months between each trial but alas, it never returned to anything close to it’s Big Rig roots. Fast forward to a month or so ago when I started on this torture test circuit. One of the tests was early in the AM and required two days of a liquid diet. We have a favorite breakfast restaurant near the test facility but forgot that it was closed on Monday. Since we were only a few minutes from Rig 2 and since we had been seeing an ever fuller parking lot, we decided to give it another chance. Back to greatness! Aside from the fact that it’s located about 2 minutes from the hospital, the anticipation of a meal there takes the sting out of having to visit the doc’s.

Politics – What I like most about Rick Perry is that he didn’t attend an Ivey League school; what bothers me the most is why would anyone in their right mind want to move from Austin to Washington. Found it interesting that Warren Buffet and George Soros, both very rich libs, think that the rich should pay more taxes. I think each of those guys are worth something on the order of $40B so if they really believe what they’re saying, why don’t they just donate 99% of their wealth to the Treasury? That would still leave them with $400M for their remaining few years on earth. Sure they both give plenty to charity, and get the tax break for that, but why not just turn it over to the Feds? They could get the super rich Hollywood and Silicon Valley crowd to join in and among them, really put a dent in the national debt.

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